Can You TRUST the Bible?

Over a period of 1600 years, 40 different authors wrote the 66 books of the Bible. Yet from Genesis to Revelation we find UNCANNY AGREEMENT between them all in topics ranging across the spectrum. In fact the entire book has been cross-referenced, and found to be one unified, harmonious ORACLE -- as if INTENTIONALLY put together that way. Some scholars consider this to be the best proof that the Bible is inspired. They say, "The New Testament is in the Old concealed (or contained); the Old is in the New revealed (or explained)." The two testaments (Heb. 9:15) are two witnesses (Rev. 11:3). But can you trust the Bible? What is the EVIDENCE from ARCHAEOLOGY? Where is the PROOF from FULFILLED PROPHECY? Has the ACCURACY of Scripture been CONFIRMED SCIENTIFICALLY? Here are some Bible lessons that DEMONSTRATE the AMAZING RELIABILITY of Scripture. Each illustrated lesson is quick and concentrated with color drawings. From Jewish law to British-Israel doctrine to Star Charts we stand in AWE of the Bible and its Author.

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Lesson 1: The United States & British Empire FORETOLD in the Bible?
Lesson 2: Are The FOOD LAWS Scientific?
Lesson 3: Do the PURITY LAWS Prevent Sickness?
Lesson 4: Which Day is the SABBATH?
Lesson 5: Should Christians TITHE?
Lesson 6: Were the FEAST DAYS Abolished?
Lesson 7: What's Wrong With the CALENDAR?
Lesson 7: What's Wrong With the CALENDAR? (including 2015 through 2026 feast dates)
Lesson 8: What's Wrong With SEX? (part one)
Lesson 8: What's Wrong With SEX? (part two)
Lesson 8: What's Wrong With SEX? (part three)
Lesson 8: What's Wrong With SEX? (part four)
Lesson 9: What Does it Mean to "TURN the OTHER CHEEK?"
Lesson 10: Should Christians Wear Blue TASSELS?
Lesson 11: Was Jesus A HILLELITE Pharisee?
Lesson 12: Was Jesus A QUMRAN Essene?
Lesson 13: Should Christians Wear Phylacteries?
Lesson 14: Which Old Testament Laws Were Abolished?
Lesson 15: The Amazing HISTORY of the World's RACES -- Ham's Children (part one)
Lesson 15: The Amazing HISTORY of the World's RACES -- Japheth's Children (part two)
Lesson 15: The Amazing HISTORY of the World's RACES -- Shem's Children (part three)
Lesson 15: Why Not "Let Thy Cattle Breed With A DIVERSE KIND"? (part four)
Lesson 16: Who is the Scarlet HARLOT of Babylon?
Lesson 17: What's Wrong With EASTER?
Lesson 18: What's Wrong With "CHRISTMAS"?
Lesson 19: Was ENGLISH Derived From HEBREW?
Lesson 20: Who Was Redeemed -- Oholah Or Oholibah?
Lesson 21: Were SCYTHIANS Israelites? Are the Scots From Scythia?
Lesson 22: Do the British Use Israelite Weights And Measures?
Lesson 23: Does HISTORY Record 2520 Years of Punishment?
Lesson 24: Were Israelites in INDIA?
Lesson 25: ASTRONOMY Confirms The Bible
Lesson 26: Christianity Before Christ?
Lesson 27: Did The Welsh CYMRY Come From The CRIMEA?
Lesson 28: Were the Greeks ISRAELITES?
Lesson 29: Ancient Jewish Marriage Customs
Lesson 30: Should Women Preach?
Lesson 31: The 1260 Years of PERSECUTION By Two "Little Horns"
Lesson 32: Should Christians Use The Title "MISTER"?
Lesson 33: Did The Bible Predict World War Two?
Lesson 34: God's Handiwork -- Fibonacci Numbers
Lesson 35: What is the Meaning of HANUKKAH?
Lesson 36: What is the Meaning of PURIM?
Lesson 37: How To Get HEALED
Lesson 38: What's Wrong With HALLOWEEN?
Lesson 39: Mankind's 6000-Year Chronology?
Lesson 40: Feast Days Parallel Embryonic Growth
Lesson 41: Reaping What You Sow

Lesson 42: God's Hidden Message in "The Wizard of Oz"
Lesson 43: God's Hidden Message in "Chariots of Fire"
Lesson 44: Are You A REPUBLICAN (Conservative) Or A DEMOCRAT (Liberal)?
Lesson 45: JEWS in Prophecy
Lesson 46: How to Celebrate the PASSOVER
Lesson 47: How to Celebrate the FEAST of UNLEAVENED BREAD
Lesson 48: How to Celebrate PENTECOST
Lesson 49: How to Celebrate the FEAST of TRUMPETS
Lesson 50: How to Celebrate the DAY of ATONEMENT
Lesson 51: How to Celebrate the FEAST of SUKKOT
Lesson 52: How to Celebrate the EIGHTH DAY
Lesson 53: A History of the True Church -- (Ephesus to Pergamos 96 to 703 A.D.) (Revelation 1-2)
Lesson 54: A History of the True Church -- (Thyatira to Laodicea 96 to 2026 A.D.) (Revelation 2-3)
Lesson 55: The Sealed Scroll is Title Deed to Earth (Revelation 4-5)
Lesson 56: The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire (Revelation 6)
Lesson 57: Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Danes Arrive Safely in the British Isles (Revelation 7)
Lesson 58: Visigoths, Vandals, Huns & Heruli Overthrow Western Third of Roman Empire (Revelation 8)
Lesson 59: Moslem Arabs Torment Southern Third Of Roman Empire (1st Woe)(Revelation 9:1-12)
Lesson 59: Moslem Turks Kill Eastern Byzantine Third of Roman Empire (2nd Woe)(Revelation 9:13-21)
Lesson 60: Greeks Escape Constantinople With Illuminating Manuscripts Igniting Renaissance and Protestant Reformation (Revelation 10)
Lesson 61: Luther, Erasmus, Zwingli, Calvin & Tyndale Use Scripture to Free Protestant England and Holland From 1260 Years of Papal Control (Revelation 11)
Lesson 62: From Constantine's Rise to Papal Rome's Rise (Revelation 12)
Lesson 63: From Papal Rome's Rise to Moslem Baghdad's Fall (Revelation 13)
Lesson 64: From the Peace Of Ryswick to Louis XVI's Birth (Revelation 14)
Lesson 65: From Louis XVI's Birth to the Triple Alliance (Revelation 15)
Lesson 66: From Storming the Bastille Until the End of World War One: French Revolution Killed Western Idolaters (3rd Woe)(Revelation 16)
Lesson 67: The "Holy Roman Empire" and Ottoman Empire Defeated (Revelation 17)
Lesson 68: The Destruction of New York and Meccah and America! (Revelation 18)
Lesson 69: Messiah Returns to Marry Whitehorse Bride (Revelation 19)
Lesson 70: The Millenial Rest (Revelation 20)
Lesson 71: NEW JERUSALEM -- A Huge Multi-Colored Pyramid (Revelation 21 & 22)
Lesson 72: Is Whitehorse the Place of Safety?
Lesson 73: How Does 666 Identify the Beast & False Prophet?
Lesson 74: What Are the Four Jewish Fast Days?
Lesson 75: PSYCHIATRY is a Mental Disorder!
Lesson 76: OPTOMETRISTS Cause Your Eyes To Grow Worse!
Lesson 78: How To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods
Lesson 79: Are VACCINES Really Safe And Effective?
Lesson 80: "Dead DOCTORS Don't Lie"
Lesson 81: Verbal Self-Defense
Lesson 82: ARCHAEOLOGY Confirms the Bible (part one)
Lesson 82: ARCHAEOLOGY Confirms the Bible (part two)
Lesson 83: Fractional Reserve Banking STEALS Our Money
Lesson 84: EVOLUTION is A Big Hoax
Lesson 85: Proof For Noah's FLOOD
Lesson 86: How To Protect Yourself From Fukushima Radiation
Lesson 87: What is the Purpose of Life?
Lesson 88: God Gave Them Knowledge and Skill in All Wisdom (Daniel 1)
Lesson 89: World History Foretold & Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (Daniel 2)
Lesson 90: "Worship My Golden Statue 60 Cubits High and 6 Cubits Wide When You Hear 6 Instruments Play Music" (Daniel 3)
Lesson 91: A Great TREE Cut Down (Daniel 4)
Lesson 92: Mene, Mene, Tekel, U Pharsin (Daniel 5)
Lesson 93: God Rescued Daniel From the Lion's Den (Daniel 6)
Lesson 94: Who is the BEAST? (Daniel 7)
Lesson 95: The RAM and the HE-GOAT (Daniel 8)
Lesson 95: Who Was the "Old Goat"? (Daniel 8:8-9)
Lesson 96: Daniel's Amazing Seventy-Weeks Prophecy (Daniel 9)
Lesson 97: The Destruction of JERUSALEM (Dan. 10-12)
Lesson 98: The Ancient Near East in Prophecy (Daniel 11)
Lesson 99: Four Horsemen, Four Horns and Four Smiths (Zech. 1 & 2)
Lesson 100: A Gold Menorah and Two Olive Trees (Zech. 3 & 4)
Lesson 101: The Flying Scroll and the Woman in a Basket (Zech. 5)
Lesson 102: Four Chariots and Two Brass Mountains (Zech. 6)
Lesson 103: As He (God through Bible) Cried, And They (Israel) Would Not Hear, So They (Israel) Cried (for help through prayer), and God Would Not Hear (Zech. 7-8)
Lesson 104: Christian Benjamites Break Union With Talmudic Judah (Zech. 9-11)
Lesson 105: Everyone Will Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in the Millenium (Zech. 12-14)
Lesson 106: Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be White As Wool (Isaiah 1-4)
Lesson 107: A Vineyard That Produces Wild Grapes (Isaiah 5 & 6)
Lesson 108: A Virgin Shall Conceive and Bear a Son, and Shall Call His Name Immanuel (Isaiah 7-10)
Lesson 109: With the Breath of His Lips Shall He Slay the Wicked (Isaiah 11 & 12)
Lesson 110: How Art Thou Fallen From Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning (Isaiah 13 & 14)
Lesson 111: Hezekiah -- a Fiery, Flying Serpent (Isaiah 14)
Lesson 112: The Burden of Moab (Isaiah 15-16)
Lesson 113: The Burden of Damascus (Isaiah 17)
Lesson 114: A Sennacherib Sour Grape Cut Off With Scorpion-Sistrum Pruning Hooks (Isaiah 18)
Lesson 115: The Burden of Egypt (Isaiah 19)
Lesson 116: Isaiah Walked Naked & Barefoot For Three Years (Isaiah 20)
Lesson 117: Watchman, What of the Night? (Isaiah 21)
Lesson 118: But Ye Have Not Looked Unto the Maker Thereof (Isaiah 22:1-14)
Lesson 119: The Key of the House of David Laid Upon His Shoulder (Isaiah 22:15-25)
Lesson 120: The Burden of Tyre (Isaiah 23)
Lesson 121: The Earth Is Turned Upside Down (Isaiah 24-27)
Lesson 122: With Stammering Lips and Another Tongue Will He Speak to This People (Isaiah 28-33)
Lesson 123: Seek Ye Out the Book of the Lord, and Read (Isaiah 34-35)
Lesson 124: Thou Trustest in the Staff of this Broken Reed (Isaiah 36-37)
Lesson 125: The Sun Dial of Ahaz Moves Ten Degrees Backward (Isaiah 38)
Lesson 126: Thy Sons Shall Be Eunuchs in Babylon (Isaiah 39)
Lesson 127: The Grass Withers, the Flower Fades, But the Word of God Endures Forever (Isaiah 40)
Lesson 128: Cyrus Delivered Jews From Slavery in Babylon Just as Christ Will Deliver Jews & Christians From Slavery in America (Isaiah 41-49)
Lesson 129: I Will Cause Thee to Ride Upon the High Places of the Earth (Isaiah 50-59)
Lesson 130: The Lord Will Come With Fire, And With His Chariots Like a Whirlwind (Isaiah 60-66)
Lesson 131: I Have Put My Words in Thy Mouth (Jeremiah 1)
Lesson 132: A Noble Vine ... A Right Seed ...Turned into the Degenerate Plant of a Strange Vine (Jeremiah 2-3:5)
Lesson 133: I Will Make My Words in Thy Mouth Fire, and This People Wood, and It Shall Devour Them (Jeremiah 3:6-6:30)
Lesson 134: Because They Have Forsaken My Law (Jeremiah 7-10)
Lesson 135: Can the Ethiopian Change His Skin, or the Leopard His Spots? Then May Ye Also Do Good, That Are Accustomed to Do Evil (Jeremiah 11-13)
Lesson 136: Because Your Fathers Have Forsaken Me, and Have Not Kept My Law (Jeremiah 14-17)
Lesson 137: But His Word Was in Mine Heart as a Burning Fire Shut Up in My Bones (Jeremiah 18-20)
Lesson 138: Is Not My Word Like a FIRE, and like a HAMMER That Breaketh the Rock in Pieces? (Jeremiah 21-24)
Lesson 139: Take the Wine Cup of This Fury and Cause All the Nations to Drink It (Jeremiah 25)
Lesson 140: Walk in My LAW (Jeremiah 26) -- Promises To The Obedient
Lesson 141: All Nations Shall Serve Him, and His Son, and His Son's Son (Jeremiah 27-28)
Lesson 142: Ye Shall Find Me When Ye Shall Search For Me With All Your Heart (Jeremiah 29)
Lesson 143: Because Your Sins Were Increased, I Have Done These Things To You (Jeremiah 30-31)
Lesson 144: To Give To Every One According To The Fruits of His Doings (Jeremiah 32-33)
Lesson 145: No Liberty for Slaves from the Exodus in 1446 B.C. to the Captivity in 586 B.C. (Jeremiah 34)
Lesson 146: Rechabites Obey Their Human Father, But Judah Doesn't Listen to His Heavenly Father (Jeremiah 35)
Lesson 147: They May Return From Their Evil Way (Jeremiah 36)
Lesson 148: Jeremiah Sank in Mud in a Dungeon With No Water After Being Smitten and Called a Traitor (Jeremiah 37-38)
Lesson 149: I Will Deliver You Because You Put Your Trust in Me (Jeremiah 39)
Lesson 150: Because You Have Not Walked in His Law (Jeremiah 40-44)
Lesson 151: Don't Seek Great Things For Yourself (Jeremiah 45)
Lesson 152: The Day of the Lord -- the Battle of Carchemish (Jeremiah 46)
Lesson 153: The Word of the Lord Against the Philistines (Jeremiah 47)
Lesson 154: The Word of the Lord Against Moab (Jeremiah 48)
Lesson 155: The Word of the Lord Against the Ammonites, Edomites, Damascus (Syrians) and Kedar (Arabians) (Jeremiah 49:1-33)
Lesson 156: The Word of the Lord Against the Elamites (Jeremiah 49:34-39)
Lesson 157: The Word of the Lord Against Babylon (Jeremiah 50-51)
Lesson 158: Chronology of Jerusalem's Captivity (Jeremiah 52)
Lesson 159: Ezekiel's Zodiac Wheel Predicted A 430-Year Punishment (Ezekiel 1-4)
Lesson 160: They Have Changed My Judgments and Statutes into Wickedness (Ezekiel 5-7)
Lesson 161: I Know All the Thoughts of Your Mind (Ezekiel 8-11)
Lesson 162: I Am Your (Zodiac) Sign: Like As I Have Done, So Shall It Be Done to Them (Ezekiel 12)
Lesson 163: I Will Make Him A (Zodiac) Sign and a Proverb (Ezekiel 13-15)
Lesson 164: A Harlot That Pays Her Clients, But Ignores Her Benefactor-Husband (Ezekiel 16)
Lesson 165: Zedekiah's Daughter Tamar Tephi of Pharez Married Eochaidh Heremon of Zarah in Ireland (Ezekiel 17)
Lesson 166: The Fathers Have Eaten Sour Grapes and the Children's Teeth Are Set on Edge? (Ezekiel 18)
Lesson 167: Three Lions Taken Captive (Ezekiel 19)
Lesson 168: They Despised My Judgments, Statutes and Sabbaths From the Exodus to the Second Coming (Ezekiel 20)
Lesson 169: From the Destruction of Jerusalem to the Destruction of Rabbath (Ezekiel 21)
Lesson 170: They Have Put No Difference Between Holy and Profane, Nor Between Unclean and Clean, and Have Hid Their Eyes From My Sabbaths (Ezekiel 22)
Lesson 171: Oholah and Oholibah Have Forgotten Me (Ezekiel 23)
Lesson 172: Ezekiel is a (Zodiac) Sign to You: According to All That He Has Done Shall You Do (Ezekiel 24)
Lesson 173: Prophecies Against the Ammonites, Moabites, Edomites and Philistines (Ezekiel 25)
Lesson 174: Prophecies Against Tyre and Sidon (Ezekiel 26-28)
Lesson 175: Egypt in Prophecy (Ezekiel 29-32)
Lesson 176: A Watchman Must Blow the Trumpet to Warn the People (Ezekiel 33)
Lesson 177: Shepherds Who Feed Themselves -- Not the Flock (Ezekiel 34)
Lesson 178: Because They Trespassed Against Me, Therefore I Hid My Face From Them, And Gave Them Into The Hand Of Their Enemies (Ezekiel 35-39)
Lesson 179: Ezekiel's Temple (Ezekiel 40-48)
Lesson 180: "Go to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel"
Lesson 181: Did Jesus Visit Britain?
Lesson 182: Linus, Claudia and Pudens . . . Was Constantine British?

Lesson 183: Asia's Sacae & Getae Became Europe's Saxon & Goth
Lesson 184: Megalithic Monuments
Lesson 185: Was Jesus A High Priest?
Lesson 186: Where Did the Lloegrians Come From?
Lesson 187: Who Are The People Who Sat in DARKNESS?
Lesson 188: Canaanite Thorns in Ireland
Lesson 189: Are Norway and Iceland BENJAMIN?
Lesson 190: Were The Druids LEVITES?
Lesson 191: Is Holland ZEBULUN?
Lesson 192: Is Ulster DANITE?
Lesson 193: Is ISSACHAR Finland and Switzerland?
Lesson 194: Are GAD and NAPHTALI in Sweden?
Lesson 195: Is ASHER Belgium and South Africa?
Lesson 196: Are Great Britain and the United States JOSEPH?
Lesson 197: Is Wales SIMEON?
Lesson 198: Is France REUBEN?
Lesson 199: Is JUDAH in Jutland? Is JUDAH in Spain?
Lesson 200: Were the PHOENICIANS Israelites?
Lesson 201: Were the PARTHIANS Israelites?
Lesson 202: Are The HEBREWS in HIBERNIA?
Lesson 203: Who are the "Gentiles" Mentioned in the New Testament?
Lesson 204: The Lord Afflicted Judah For the Multitude of Her Transgressions (Lamentations 1-5)
Lesson 205: Will BRITAIN Be Defeated By GERMANY?
Lesson 206: The Amazing Stone of Scone and "God Save the King"
Lesson 207: A MOTH is Eating Away At the BRITISH Empire
Lesson 208: British Are Not of German Origin
Lesson 209: Flouride is Poisoning Our Drinking Water and Chemtrails Are Poisoning Our Air
Lesson 210: Did the German ARIANS Come From HARA?
Lesson 211: Did Jesus Quote From Aesop's Fables?
Lesson 212: What's Wrong With Valentine's Day?
Lesson 213: What Did the Israelites Look like?
Lesson 214: Prophecy Against Edom (Obadiah)
Lesson 215: "Repent and Be Baptized"
Lesson 216: Was King Solomon a Type of Christ our King?
Lesson 217: Link Between Psychotropic Drugs and School Shootings
Lesson 218: Pre-Flood World
Lesson 219: What is the Purpose of FASTING?
Lesson 220: "Cretians Are Alway Liars, Evil Beasts, Slow Bellies" (Titus 1-3)
Lesson 221: Jonah Coming To Nineveh Typified Our Lord's Second Coming to Earth (Jonah 1-4)
Lesson 222: Will A Man Rob God? (Malachi 1-4)
Lesson 223: Nineveh is Empty (Bukeh), Void (Umebukah), and Waste (Umebullakah): The Heart Melts, and Knees Smite Together (Nahum 1-3)
Lesson 224: The Glory of this Latter House Shall Be Greater than the Former (Haggai 1-2)
Lesson 225: The Earth Shall Be Filled With the Knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, As the Waters Cover the Sea (Habakkuk 1-3)
Lesson 226: Her Prophets and Priests Have Done Violence to the LAW (Zephaniah 1-3)
Lesson 227: Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed? (Amos 1-3)
Lesson 228: Let Justice Run Down as Waters, and Righteousness as a Mighty Stream (Amos 4-6)
Lesson 229: A Plumb Line and A Basket of Summer Fruit (Amos 7,8 & 9)
Lesson 230: What Doth the Lord Require of Thee, But to Do Justly, and to Love Mercy, and to Walk Humbly With Thy God? (Micah 5-7)
Lesson 231: He Will Hide His Face From Them Because of the Evil Way They Behaved (Micah 1-3)
Lesson 232: They Shall Beat Their Swords into Plowshares (Micah 4)
Lesson 233: Were Dinosaurs Extinct Before Adam Was Created?
Lesson 234: Pope Boniface III Revealed As Supreme Bishop After Roman Emperor Phocas "Taken Away" By Death in 610 A.D. (2 Th. 1-3)
Lesson 235: He Hath Torn and He Will Heal (Hosea 5 & 6)
Lesson 236: Hosea Married A Harlot (Gomer) Typifying God's Marriage to Israel (Khumri) (Hosea 1-4)
Lesson 237: The Great Things of My Law Were Counted as a Strange Thing (Hosea 7-14)
Lesson 238: For A Nation is Come Up Upon My Land (Joel 1)
Lesson 239: Blow The Trumpet in Zion (Joel 2)
Lesson 240: Beat Your Plowshares into Swords (Joel 3)
Lesson 241: God Built Eve Using Adam's Rib (Genesis 1-2)
Lesson 242: The Messiah Will Bruise the Serpent's Head, But the Serpent Will Bruise the Messiah's Heel (Crucifixion) (Genesis 3)
Lesson 243: Abel Offered His Best to God (Genesis 4)
Lesson 244: Mankind is Appointed Mortal Sorrow. The Blessed God Shall Come Down Teaching. His Death Shall Bring the Despairing Comfort (Genesis 5).
Lesson 245: Noah Was A Just Man, and Purebred in His Ancestry, and Noah Walked With God (Genesis 6)
Lesson 246: Noah's Flood Chronology (Genesis 7-8)
Lesson 247: Noah Castrated 20 Years After the Flood By Ham (Genesis 9)
Lesson 248: Table Of Nations & Tower Of Babel (Genesis 10-11)
Lesson 249: I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee, And Curse Him That Curseth Thee: In Thee Shall All Families of Earth Be Blessed (Genesis 12-13)
Lesson 250: Abram Defeated Four Kings and Rescued Lot in Two Weeks (Genesis 14)
Lesson 251: Look Toward Heaven and Recount the Story of the Star Names in Order; They Will Tell You About Your Descendant (Genesis 15)
Lesson 252: Ishmael Will Be Like A Wild Donkey; His Hand Will Be Against Everyone, And Everyone's Hand Against Him; He Will Live East of His Brothers (Genesis 16)
Lesson 253: Circumcise the Foreskin of Eight-Day-Old Boys (Genesis 17)
Lesson 254: Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord? (Genesis 18)
Lesson 255: Lot's Wife Looked Back and Became A Pillar of Salt (Genesis 19)
Lesson 256: Abraham Lied About Sarah To Protect His Life (Genesis 20)
Lesson 257: Abraham's Seed is Called SAXONS (Genesis 21)
Lesson 258: Was Isaac A Type of Christ? (Genesis 22)
Lesson 259: Abraham Buried Sarah in a Cave in Hebron (Genesis 23)
Lesson 260: Choose A Kindred Wife For My Son -- Not A Canaanite (Genesis 24)
Lesson 261: Keturah's Six Sons, Ishmael's Twelve Sons and Isaac's Two Sons (Genesis 25)
Lesson 262: Because Abraham Obeyed My Voice, Kept My Charge, My Commandments, My Statutes, and My Laws (Genesis 26)
Lesson 263: EDOM in Prophecy (Genesis 27)
Lesson 264: Of All You Give Me, I Will Give A Tenth To Thee (Genesis 28)
Lesson 265: Did Jacob Use Corrals and Aphrodisiacs to Selectively Breed Spotted Goats and Sheep? (Genesis 29-31)
Lesson 266: I Will Appease Him With the Present That Goes Before Me (Genesis 32-33)
Lesson 267: Dinah Raped At Fourteen -- Simeon and Levi Murder at Eighteen or Nineteen (Genesis 34)
Lesson 268: A Nation and a Company of Nations Shall Be of Thee, and Kings Shall Come Out of Thy Loins (Genesis 35)
Lesson 269: Edomites Moved to Mount Seir in 1671 B.C. When Esau Was 120 Years Old (Genesis 36)
Lesson 270: Was Joseph A Type Of Christ? (Genesis 37)
Lesson 271: Judah's Royal Line Identified By Zarah's Red Hand Of Ulster (Genesis 38)
Lesson 272: Joseph Stripped Naked, Falsely Accused and Put in Prison For 12 Years (Genesis 39)
Lesson 273: The Butler Was Restored and The Baker Hanged on Pharaoh's Birthday -- Three Days After Their Visions (Genesis 40)
Lesson 274: Joseph Prepared For Famine By Storing Food (Genesis 41)
Lesson 275: We Are Guilty, Therefore This Distress Has Come Upon Us (Genesis 42)
Lesson 276: Judah Volunteered To Suffer So That Benjamin Might Go Free (Genesis 43-45)
Lesson 277: Israelites Segregated From Egyptians in Goshen (Genesis 46)
Lesson 278: Joseph Was Rejected By His Brothers and Then Became the Cap Stone (Genesis 47)
Lesson 279: Manasseh (U.S.) Shall Become A Great People, But Ephraim (British) Shall Become A Multitude of Nations (Genesis 48)
Lesson 280: Prophetic Heraldry Concerning the Twelve (Zodiac) Tribes (Genesis 49)
Lesson 281: You Intended Evil Against Me, But God Meant It For Good, To Save Many People Alive (Genesis 50)
Lesson 282: How To Lose Weight
Lesson 283: America's Godly Heritage
Lesson 284: Pharaoh Amosis Captured the Capital of Avaris (Zoan), Expelled the Hyksos (Amalekites), and Afflicted Israel (Exodus 1)
Lesson 285: Was Moses A Type of Christ? (Exodus 2)
Lesson 286: "Let My People Go" (Exodus 3)
Lesson 287: "They Won't Believe Me ... I'm Not Eloquent ... Please Send Someone Else" (Exodus 4)
Lesson 288: No More Straw To Make Brick (Exodus 5-6)
Lesson 289: Ten Plagues Against Ten "Gods" of Egypt (Exodus 7-8)
Lesson 290: That You May Know That There is None Like Me in All The Earth (Exodus 9-12)
Lesson 291: Put God's Law Upon Your Castor Hand (Actions), and Between Your Lunar Eyes (Thoughts) (Exodus 13-15)
Lesson 292: Christ is the "What is it?" Manna Bread From Heaven So We Won't Die (Exodus 16-20)
Lesson 293: Israel Promised To Obey God On Pentecost (Exodus 21-24)
Lesson 294: Christ in the Tabernacle (Exodus 25)
Lesson 295: Christ in the Tabernacle (Exodus 26)
Lesson 296: Christ in the Tabernacle (Exodus 27)
Lesson 297: Christ in the Tabernacle (Exodus 28)
Lesson 298: Was Aaron A Type Of Christ? (Exodus 29-30)
Lesson 299: The Sabbath is an Identifying Sign to be Kept Holy Forever (Exodus 31-33)
Lesson 300: Hercules and Perseus Destroy Fertility Images -- Ancient Pornography -- The Worship of Naked Female Statues (Exodus 34)
Lesson 301: Don't Kindle a Fire on the Sabbath to Smelt Metal or Cook a Meal -- Only for Heat and Light (Exodus 35)
Lesson 302: "Added Because of Transgressions Till the Seed Should Come" (Exodus 36-40)
Lesson 303: Scientific Facts Proving the Bible is True
Lesson 304: The Bible is Indestructible
Lesson 305: Jericho Falls After Seven Trumpets (Joshua 1-6)
Lesson 306: Thieves With Babylonian Garments Can't Enter the Promised Land (Joshua 7-24)
Lesson 307: Hundreds of Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ
Lesson 308: Prophecy is PROOF the Bible is True
Lesson 309: Deliverance From Demons -- Stopping "Alien Abductions"
Lesson 310: Baking Soda Fights Cancer?
Lesson 311: Is The King James Version the Best Translation?
Lesson 312: TRESPASS Offering: When He Knows of It, Then He Shall Be Guilty, If He Doesn't Say Something (Leviticus 1-6)
Lesson 313: Don't Eat FAT of Ox, Sheep, or Goat & Don't Eat BLOOD of Fowl or Beast (Leviticus 7)
Lesson 314: Blood Upon (Perseus) Aaron's (Lunar) Right Ear Lobe, His (Pollux) (Lunar) Right Hand Thumb, and His (Ophiuchus) (Solar) Right Foot's Big Toe (Leviticus 8)
Lesson 315: The Law To Distinguish Between Unclean and Clean -- Between What May Be Eaten and What May Not (Leviticus 9-11)
Lesson 316: "Leprosy" Can Refer to Many Skin Diseases & Molds (Leviticus 12-14)
Lesson 317: Laws of UNCLEANNESS (Leviticus 15)
Lesson 318: The Azazel Goat is Satan, the Fit Man is an Angel & the Uninhabited Wilderness is a Bottomless Pit (Leviticus 16-20)
Lesson 319: No (Tonsure) Baldness Upon Head, Nor Corners of Beard Shaved (Like an Egyptian) (Leviticus 21-25)
Lesson 320: "Seven Times" Punishment (Leviticus 26)
Lesson 321: One Tenth of the Flock and Fruit Tree is the Lord's (Leviticus 27)
Lesson 322: How Did BAAL-Worship Enter the CHRISTIAN Church?
Lesson 323: Messiah Ben Yoseph and Messiah Ben David
Lesson 324: Is The BRITISH Empire a Type of the KINGDOM of GOD?
Lesson 325: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (ch. 15)
Lesson 326: Melchizedek Typified Christ
Lesson 327: The (Zodiac) Heavens Declare the Glory of God (Psalm 19)
Lesson 328: The Man Who Loves God's Law (Psalm 1)
Lesson 329: Wireless 5G is Faster At Killing Us
Lesson 330: Was Job's Suffering Due To His Sins or Not? (Job 1-42)
Lesson 331: Emendations of the Sopherim
Lesson 332: Does the Lord's Voice Split Mighty Oaks or Make Deer Give Birth? (Psalm 29)
Lesson 333: Shammai Circumcision Rites Not Required of Galatian Initiates (Galatians 1-6)

Lesson 334: Four Rules of Bible Interpretation & Paradoxical Proverbs
Lesson 335: Judah & Simeon (Gemini) Cut Off (Lunar) Thumbs and Toes of Adonibezek After Jerusalem Set (Solar) Ablaze (Judges 1)
Lesson 336: Shamgar's Astronomical Oxgoad (Judges 2-3)
Lesson 337: Stars Fought Against Sisera (Judges 4-5)
Lesson 338: God Confounded Strong Midian With Gideon's 300 Weak Men (Judges 6-8)
Lesson 339: Trees (Shechemites) Elected a Bramble Bush (Abimelech) as (Solar Crown) King (Judges 9-10:5)
Lesson 340: Jephthah Defeated the Philistines & Ammonites (Judges 10:6-12:15)
Lesson 341: Was Samson A Type of Christ? (Judges 13-16)
Lesson 342: "Every Man Did That Which Was Right in His Own (Lunar) Eyes" (Judges 17-18)
Lesson 343: Benjamites Almost Exterminated (Judges 19-21)
Lesson 344: What's Wrong With GAMBLING?
Lesson 345: Should Your Church LICENSE Itself For Tax Exempt Status Under 501(c)3?
Lesson 346: Does the Bible Teach "Sacred Names"?
Lesson 347: MATHEMATICS Prove the Bible is Inspired
Lesson 348: Astronomical Census Polls & Zodiac Tribal Emblems (Numbers 1-4)
Lesson 349: Drinking A Conditional Curse To Prove You're Innocent (Numbers 5-9)
Lesson 350: "The Giants (Hercules & Ophiuchus) Saw Us (Gemini) As (Scorpio) Grasshoppers" (Numbers 10-14)
Lesson 351: Our Lives Unravel At the Edges Without God's Blue Ribbon Commandments (Numbers 15)
Lesson 352: Priesthood Proven By A Righteous Branch Cut Off That Blossoms in New Life (Numbers 16-20)
Lesson 353: Just As Balaam Struck His Donkey 3 Times For Doing Her Duty, So Also Balak Chided Greedy Balaam 3 Times For Doing His Duty (Numbers 21-24)
Lesson 354: Harlotry Was An Idolatrous Rite At Baal-Peor (Numbers 25-27)
Lesson 355: There Were Sacrifices Every Day of the Year, Not Just On Sabbaths, New Moons and Festivals (Numbers 28-32)
Lesson 356: The 42 Encampments Before Joshua's Bloody Conquest Parallel 42 Generations From Abraham to Yeshua's Bloody Conquest (Numbers 33-36)
Lesson 357: Is the CROSS A Pagan Symbol?
Lesson 358: PreFlood HEALTH Using a HYPERBARIC Chamber?
Lesson 359: Should A Christian Be A MASON?
Lesson 360: The CREATION Reveals the CREATOR
Lesson 361: Our King "Stretched Out His Hand (Crucifixion) and No Man Regarded" (Proverbs 1-10)
Lesson 362: "Whoever Shuts His Ears to the Cry of the Poor, Will Himself Call Out And Not Be Heard" (Proverbs 11-21)
Lesson 363: "He Who Digs A Pit Shall Fall Therein: and He Who Rolls a Stone, It Will Return Upon Him" (Proverbs 22-30)
Lesson 364: A Woman Clothed With Strength and Honour (Proverbs 31)
Lesson 365: YHWH Reversed the King's Decree Using His Wife (Esther 1-10)
Lesson 366: What is Earthing?
Lesson 367: "Where You Go, I Will Go; Where You Lodge, I Will Lodge: Your People ARE My People, and Your God IS My God" (Ruth 1-4)
Lesson 368: Satan's Great Counterfeit (Part One)
Lesson 369: Satan's Great Counterfeit (Part Two)
Lesson 370: MASORETIC versus SEPTUAGINT -- Which is Correct?
Lesson 371: The Origin of Pharmaceutical Drugs
Lesson 372: "Wise Men Lay Up Knowledge"
Lesson 373: A Chinese Red Dragon in Prophecy
Lesson 374: The Bible and the Value of π As Well As 30 Other Supposed "Scripture Contradictions"
Lesson 375: Miracle of Midway
Lesson 376: Should We "Blindly" Obey Ministers?
Lesson 377: Joshua (Yeshua) Will Cause Israel (Bible-Followers) To Inherit the Promised Land (Eternal Life) (Deuteronomy 1-4)
Lesson 378: Ophiuchus Talks About God's Law 360° -- When He Sits in His House, Walks Outside, Lies Down and Rises Up (Deuteronomy 5-8)
Lesson 379: Giving Gifts to Every Green Tree is Idolatrous Worship (Deuteronomy 9-13)
Lesson 380: First, Second and Third Tithe (Deuteronomy 14-17)
Lesson 381: Jesus is the Prophet Like Moses (Deuteronomy 18)
Lesson 382: Castor Shouldn't Remove Ophiuchus's Landmark (Deuteronomy 19-22)
Lesson 383: A Mongrel Shall Not Enter the Congregation Till His Tenth Generation (Deuteronomy 23-26)
Lesson 384: Blessing and Cursing on Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal (Deuteronomy 27-28)
Lesson 385: Your (Solar) Shoe Didn't Wear Out Upon Your (Ophiuchus) Foot (Deuteronomy 29-32)
Lesson 386: Blessing of the Twelve (Zodiac) Tribes (Deuteronomy 33)
Lesson 387: Moses Lived 120 Years (1526 - 1406 BC)(Deuteronomy 34)
Lesson 388: Does God Have A Sense of Humor?
Lesson 389: The United States & British Empire FORETOLD in the Bible?
Lesson 390: The Protection Psalm (Psalm 91)
Lesson 391: Make God's Will Your Delight, and He Will Grant Your Desires (Psalm 37)
Lesson 392: Moses and the Prophets Wrote About Jesus of Nazareth (John 1)
Lesson 393: Destroy This Temple and in Three Days I Will Raise It Up (John 2)
Lesson 394: As Moses Lifted Up the (Hydra) Serpent, So Must Yeshua Be Lifted Up (On Argo's Mast-Cross) (John 3)
Lesson 395: Salvation is of the Jews (John 4)
Lesson 396: You Search Scriptures to Get Eternal Life and Those Scriptures Talk About Me (John 5)
Lesson 397: I Am the (Mannah) Bread of (Eternal) Life From Heaven (John 6-11)
Lesson 398: He That Loves His Life Shall Lose It; and He That Hates His Life in This World Shall Keep It (John 12-17)
Lesson 399: It's Necessary That One Man Should Die For the People (John 18-21)
Lesson 400: What is Your Responsibility?
Lesson 401: Do You Have an Immortal Soul?
Lesson 402: Were Humans Created INCOMPLETE?
Lesson 403: Biblical Agriculture -- Key to Good Health
Lesson 404: What's Wrong With Agriculture?
Lesson 405: A Farming Crisis
Lesson 406: What is Real Milk?
Lesson 407: At Least 25 American Presidents Descend From Royalty
Lesson 408: Why Fast For 40 Days of Lent?
Lesson 409: Why Two Resurrections?
Lesson 410: How to Pray
Lesson 411: Bible SYMBOLS Defined
Lesson 412: Do the Wicked Suffer Forever in HELL?
Lesson 413: The Ancient 360-Day Year
Lesson 414: The FIRST and the LAST
Lesson 415: Is God A Trinity? & Is It Wrong to Have PICTURES of Christ?
Lesson 416: Why is the Behistun Rock Important?
Lesson 417: How to Avoid the AIDS Epidemic
Lesson 418: The Canon of Ptolemy and Chronicon of Eusebius Synchronize World History With the Bible
Lesson 419: God's Hand in HISTORY (Part 1)
Lesson 419: God's Hand in HISTORY (Part 2)
Lesson 419: God's Hand in HISTORY (Part 3)
Lesson 419: Millenial Kingdom of God (Part 4)
Lesson 420: Question Everything
Lesson 421: How Can Christians "Inherit the EARTH" if They're Taken "in the Clouds" to HEAVEN?
Lesson 422: God is Reproducing Himself
Lesson 423: Does the Bible Teach Communism? & The Little Red Hen
Lesson 424: Does the New Covenant Abolish God's Law?
Lesson 425: Judas Hanged Himself -- Later His Body Fell, Burst Asunder, and His Bowels Gushed Out (Acts 1)
Lesson 426: Holy Spirit Filled 3000 on Pentecost 31 AD (Acts 2)
Lesson 427: The Restitution of All Things in 2026 AD (Acts 3)
Lesson 428: "Judge For Yourselves Whether it is Right in God's Sight to OBEY You Rather Than God" (Acts 4)
Lesson 429: God Gives His Holy Spirit to Those Who OBEY Him (Acts 5)
Lesson 430: They Were Not Able to Resist Stephen's Wisdom (Acts 6)
Lesson 431: By Stoning Stephen, They Symbolically Stoned Jesus (Acts 7)
Lesson 432: Simon the Sorcerer Was a Bitter Poison and a Bundle of Iniquity (Acts 8)
Lesson 433: By Persecuting Christians, Saul Persecuted Christ (Acts 9)
Lesson 434: Did Peter's Vision Make Ham and Bacon Kosher? (Acts 10)
Lesson 435: Agabus (Bootes) Predicted Claudius Caesar's Famine and Queen Helena's (Virgo) (Lunar) Basket of Food (Acts 11)
Lesson 436: Herod Was Smitten Because He Didn't Give God the Glory (Acts 12)
Lesson 437: Yeshua Forgave Our Past Sins and Sacrificed Himself to Make Us Righteous (Acts 13)
Lesson 438: It is Through Much Tribulation That We Enter the Kingdom (Acts 14)
Lesson 439: Shammai's Circumcision or Hillel's Baptism -- Which Is the Convert's Initiatory Rite? (Acts 15)
Lesson 440: A Fortune Teller's (Lunar) Crystal-Ball Business Destroyed After 295 Days of Harrassing Paul (Acts 16-17)
Lesson 441: Paul Was A Prayer-Shawl Maker (Acts 18)
Lesson 442: A Black Stone of Diana "Fell Down From Heaven" Like Satan (Acts 19)
Lesson 443: Paul Celebrated the Days of Unleavened Bread and Pentecost (Acts 20)
Lesson 444: Paul Taught "Not to Circumcise (as an Initiatory Rite) ... Neither to Walk After the (Shammai or Sacrificial) Customs" (Acts 21-28)
Lesson 445: Paul's Journey to Spain and Britain (Acts 29)
Lesson 446: A Do-It-Yourself Law Course For A Pro Se (part one)
Lesson 446: A Do-It-Yourself Law Course For A Pro Se (part two)
Lesson 447: Yeshua Messiah Was of the Royal Line of Judah (Matthew 1)
Lesson 448: Herod (King of the Jews) DIED in 4 BC Trying to KILL Jesus (King of the Jews) Who Was BORN in 4 BC (Matthew 2)
Lesson 449: The (Lunar) AXE is Laid at the (Scorpio) ROOT (Matthew 3)
Lesson 450: "Him Only Shalt Thou Serve" (Matthew 4)
Lesson 451: Whosoever Shall Do and Teach the COMMANDMENTS Shall Be Called Great in the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5-7)
Lesson 452: (Canis Minor) Foxes Have (Lunar) Holes, and (Lyra, Aquila, & Cygnus) Birds of the Air Have (Solar) Nests (Matthew 8-9)
Lesson 453: He That Finds His Life Shall Lose It: and He That Loses His Life For My Sake Shall Find It (Matthew 10-17)
Lesson 454: As You Forgive Men, So God Shall Forgive You (Matthew 18-19)
Lesson 455: The Last Shall Be First, and the First Last (Matthew 20-23)
Lesson 456: What Shall Be the (Zodiac) Sign of Thy Coming? (Matthew 24)
Lesson 457: "Behold the Bridegroom Cometh: Go Ye Out to Meet Him" (Matthew 25-28)
Lesson 458: Andromeda Woman's Heart is Snares and Nets, Her Hands as Shackles (Sado-Masochism) (Ecclesiastes 1-12)
Lesson 459: Solomon Typified Christ's Wedding (Song of Solomon 1-8)
Lesson 460: Judah and Benjamin Build Temple at Jerusalem (Ezra 1-6)
Lesson 461: The Holy Seed Have Mongrelized Themselves (Ezra 7-10)
Lesson 462: Fetch Pine and Palm Branches to Make Booths (Nehemiah 1-13)
Lesson 463: "Make Us A King" in 1051 BC (1 Samuel 1-16)
Lesson 464: Was King David A Type of Christ? (1 Samuel 17)
Lesson 465: You Rewarded Me Good Whereas I Rewarded You Evil (1 Samuel 18-31)
Lesson 466: The Lord Shall Reward the Evildoer According to His Wickedness (2 Samuel 1-24)
Lesson 467: Solomon Was "A Little Child" of Twelve When Crowned King And Ruled From 970-930 BC (1 Kings 1-22)
Lesson 468: Was Elijah A Type of Christ? (2 Kings 1-25)
Lesson 469: They Transgressed Against the God of Their Fathers and Played the Harlot (1 Chronicles 1-9)
Lesson 470: "If You Seek Him, He Will Be Found By You; But If You Forsake Him, He Will Cast You Off Forever" (1 Chronicles 10-29)
Lesson 471: "Should You Help the Wicked and Love Them Who Hate the Eternal? Therefore There is Wrath Upon You" (2 Chronicles 1-36)
Lesson 472: For the Wages of Sin is Death, But the Gift of God is Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ (Romans 1-16)
Lesson 473: Christians (Gemini) Run in a Race to Obtain a (Solar Golden) Crown (1 Cor; 2 Cor; Eph; Phil; Col; 1 Th; 1 Tim; 2 Tim; Titus; Phil; Heb; James; 1 Pet; 2 Pet; 1-3 John; Jude)
Lesson 474: "I Must Be About My Father's Business" (Luke 1-2)
Lesson 475: John Turns Disobedient to the Wisdom of the Just (Luke 3)
Lesson 476: God Only Shalt Thou Serve (Luke 4-5)
Lesson 477: Can Blind Castor Lead Blind Pollux? Won't They Both Fall into the Milky Way Ditch? (Luke 6)
Lesson 478: I Send My Messenger Who Prepares the Way Before Thee (Luke 7-18)
Lesson 479: To Everyone Who Has Shall Be Given (Luke 19-24)
Lesson 480: He Taught As One That Had Authority (Mark 1-3)
Lesson 481: Deceitful Riches Can Choke Scripture (Mark 4-10)
Lesson 482: Forgive and You Shall Be Forgiven (Mark 11-16)
Lesson 483: The Man Who Loves God's Law (Psalm 1)
Lesson 484: "Let's Break Their (Red Radius) Bands and Cast Away Their (Serpens) Cords From Us" (Psalm 2)
Lesson 485: You Have Smitten All My Enemies Upon the Cheekbone (Psalm 3)
Lesson 486: The Lord Hath Set Apart Him Who is Godly (Psalm 4-18)
Lesson 487: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God (Psalm 19)
Lesson 488: The Lord Will Hear His Anointed From Heaven (Psalm 20-96)
Lesson 489: The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
Lesson 490: Blow the Trumpet in the New Moon Festival (Psalm 81)
Lesson 491: He Delivers His Saints Out of Wicked Hands (Psalm 97-150)

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