Where Did The Lloegrians Come From?

In Genesis 17:19, "God said, Sarah, thy wife, shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac" (literally "he LAUGHS"). In Genesis 21:12 we read that "in Isaac shall thy seed be called." One of the Hebrew words for "LAUGH" is #3932 of Strong's and pronounced "LAAG" rendered "stammering" (mocking; scornful) in Isaiah 28:11. The LIGYES were a people of Asia who inhabited country between Caucasus and the river Phasis (Herodotus 7, c.72; Dion. Hal. 1, c.10; Strabo. 4; Diod. 4), exactly where Israel was taken captive. We next find the name in "BRITO-LAGOE" northwest of Black Sea meaning "People who LAUGHED at the Covenant." From the northwest of the Cimmerian (Black) Sea we trace the BRITO-LAGOE into LIGURIA in northwest Italy. "The great nation of the LIGURES, or LYGES, extended from the Arno to the mouths of the Rhone, and in an earlier age as far west as Iberia; those west of the Maritime Alps were called GALLO-LIGYES" (Ancient Geography). The LIGURE then goes to western Gaul which becomes LIGURIA, the Loire being anciently called LIGUR. The name Iberes is found mixed up with that of a people whom the Romans called LIGURES, and the Greeks, according to a well-known letter change, the LIGUES. Finally, we find the LLOEGRIANS in Britain. The LLOEGRIANS, from whom is derived the modern Welsh name for England (LLOEGR), a branch of the nation of the Cymry, came from SW France (Gascony), the valley and region of the river LIGER, modern Loire, and settled in the south and east of Britain. The largest part of England has always been called LLOEGR by the Welsh poets and chroniclers. Scylax says, "After the Iberes follow the LIGUES and the mixed Iberes, as far as the river Rhone.... If from the basin of the Ebro we pass to the opposite corner of the peninsula, we find traces of LIGURIAN occupation. We must not suppose that the migrations of the Kimmerioi and of the LIGURES can be separated from each other.... The LIGURIAN Celts call themselves all through their tribes Ambrones, with which in all probability the name Umbri is connected. The LIGURIAN races overspread the plains of the Upper Danube, penetrated over the Julian Alps into Italy, and pushed their way westward to the Pyrenees, and finally into Spain...."

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