God's Hidden Message in
"The Wizard of Oz"

Does God still speak to men by means of visions and dreams? God says, "I change not" (Mal. 3:6). He is "the same yesterday, today and forever" (Heb. 13:8). If He spoke that way in the past, he still does speak that way today -- by means of visions and dreams. But where are they? We believe "the Wizard of Oz" movie is one such vision. How do we know? Because of the amazing parallels that have occurred between reality and the movie script. Real-life events transpired 40 years after the movie was produced that are uncanny. Too many parallels exist for mere haphazard chance. "Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream REALLY DO COME TRUE."

Many members of the Worldwide Church of God have been struck and fascinated by the close parallels to reality contained in this movie. What parallels?

As an introduction, first notice the poster above. Three words "Gaiety, Glory Glamour" -- three "G"s. Notice how the three "G"s look like upside down "6"s making "666." Yes, Ambassador College had a problem with Gay ministers and students and with those seeking Glory at the expense of their morals and with alluring romance (Glamour). Notice the yellow banner in an "S" shape. This typifies the "yellow brick road." Is that road synonymous with the "way which leadeth unto life" or the "way that leadeth to destruction" (Matt. 7:14)? We believe it typifies NEITHER ONE. Instead it represents the allure of Ambassador College which had both good (truth) and bad (persecution) -- just as Dorothy traveled on the dirt road by Miss Gulches' place and was told to use her brain and instead avoid Miss Gulch. But she also met some friends and obtained ruby slippers in her travels. Remember that the "yellow brick road" had a couple of forks in the road, not a characteristic of "the way which leadeth unto life."

The original message of "The Wizard of Oz" was actually an ECONOMIC message. The yellow brick road was symbolic for a "GOLD-only" economic standard road which was much easier for the central bankers (financial wizards) to CONTROL since they owned most of it anyway and could MAKE ALL THE RULES (just as the hierarchy of the WCG makes all the rules). The Wizard of Oz was basically a metaphor for going to the GOLD-only standard. The GOLD-only standard allows the quantity of money to be controlled by banks, who can then create depressions, deflation, and inflation any time they want by making gold money scarce or plentiful. Then they could strip the assets from people. The land and goods could be bought for pennies on the dollar. No liquidity for trade to take place. But when you have bi-metalism, which is where you have both GOLD and SILVER circulating freely, not necessarily at a fixed ratio by government but what the market could decide, you have a much freer and safer system. No MONOPOLY. Dorothy’s shoes were originally SILVER in The Wizard of Oz and "Oz" is short for OUNCE . Web of Debt, a book by Ellen Hodgson Brown, explains it very well. Some have even argued for the benefits of a barter economy where rubies, diamonds, wheat and apples can also be used as currency. Remember "the borrower is the servant of the lender" (Pr. 22:7). Remember that Christ called the moneychangers in the Temple "THIEVES" (Matt. 21:12) -- probably for charging exorbitant rates to change foreign currency into Jewish shekels.

Dorothy—naïve, young and simple—represents the American people. She is Everyman, led astray and seeking the way back home. Moreover, following the road of GOLD ONLY leads eventually to the Emerald City, which may symbolize the FRAUDULENT world of greenback PAPER MONEY that only pretends to have REAL value. (The tally sticks of England and the copper coins of Rome are other examples of FIAT currency.) It is ruled by a scheming politician (the Wizard) who uses publicity devices and tricks (TV, radio, printing press, tape recorders, etc) to fool the people into believing he is benevolent, wise, and powerful when really he is a selfish, evil humbug. He sends Dorothy into severe danger hoping she will rid him of his enemy the Wicked Witch of the West. He is powerless and, as he admits to Dorothy, "I'm a very bad Wizard." The Scarecrow is a representation of American farmers and their troubles in the late 19th century. The Tin Man represents the industrial workers, especially those of American steel industries who needed liquidity (oil). The Cowardly Lion is a metaphor for William Jennings Bryan or politicians in general, who backed away from the "Free-Silver" movement. The "Crime of 1873" was the demonetization of silver -- the Coinage Act of 1873 -- "up SEVEN passages and THREE flights of stairs." The cyclone is a metaphor for a political revolution that would transform the drab country into a land of color and unlimited prosperity. The Wicked Witch of the West is a figure for the big banks in the American West (Rockefeller). The wicked witch of the east is eastern big banks (Morgan). The Winged Monkeys could represent indigenous peoples of the Americas. The King of the Winged Monkeys tells Dorothy, "Once we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. … This was many years ago, long before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land." The "man behind the curtain" could be a reference to automated store window displays of the sort famous at X-mas season in big city department stores; many people watching the fancy clockwork motions of animals and mannequins thought there must be an operator behind the curtain pulling the levers to make them move (Baum was the editor of the trade magazine read by window dressers). Perhaps the subtle message was that the bankers turn free people into slave-like robots through the use of FIAT PAPER MONEY.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was first published in Chicago in 1900. Its author, L. Frank Baum, was the editor of a South Dakota newspaper and a supporter of William Jennings Bryan who stood three times, unsuccessfully, as a U.S. Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. The particular concern of both Baum and Bryan was the nature of the money supply then prevalent in the United States, and in the Mid-Western States in particular. In America during the 1890s, as in Britain, there had been a severe depression. Many businesses had gone bankrupt, farmers forced to sell up, factories closed and workers made unemployed. True, some farms in the Mid-West were suffering from drought, but most were still capable of growing food; the businesses and factories were still capable of providing the things that people needed; the workers still wanted to work to provide those things, and people would still want the goods and services produced if they had the money to buy them. The money in the USA then, as now, was entirely created by the private banking system. The pretence existed then that money was based on gold. (Even now some people still think that it is!) The major banks, based on the East and West coasts, could VARY the amount of money in circulation, lending more to encourage commercial activity, then foreclosing on loans to put people out of business, enabling the banks to acquire their businesses cheaply. Baum and Bryan wanted money to be based on SILVER, not just GOLD, as SILVER was more readily available in the Mid-West, where it was mined. Such a money supply could not be manipulated by the banks.

So the story of the Wizard of Oz starts with a cyclone in the form of imagined electoral success for Bryan. Dorothy, a sort of proverbial ‘Everywoman’, lands on the Wicked Witch of the East (the East-coast bankers), killing her, so freeing the Munchkins, the down-trodden poor, but the Wicked Witch of the West (the West-coast bankers) remains loose. To deal with her and to get back to Kansas (normality), the Good Witch of the North, representing the electorate of the North (this is less than 40 years after the civil war), tells Dorothy to seek out the Wizard of Oz (‘oz’ being short for ounce, the means of weighing both gold and silver). She also gives her a pair of silver slippers (as they were in the book - they became ruby ones in the film). Only these silver slippers will enable her to remain safe on the yellow-brick road, representing the bankers’ gold standard, as she heads towards the Emerald City, representing Washington DC. On her journey, Dorothy encounters a Scarecrow, representing the farmers, who do not have the wit to understand how they can end up losing their farms to the banks, even though they work hard to grow the food to feed a hungry nation. If only they could think it through! Next, she encounters a Tin Woodsman, representing the industrial workers, rusted as solid as the factories of the 1890s depression, and who have lost the sense of compassion and co-operation to work together to help each other during hard times. Also, a spell cast upon him by the Wicked Witch of the East meant that every time he swung his axe, he chopped off a bit of himself - he downsized! Then the growing party encounters a Cowardly Lion, representing the politicians. These have the power, through the power of Congress and the Constitution, to confront the Wicked Witches, representing the banks, but they lack the courage to do so. Dorothy is able to motivate these three potent forces and leads them all towards the Emerald City, whence ‘greenbacks’ had once come, and an encounter with the omnipotent and wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is initially quite majestic and apparently awesome, but he turns out to be a little man without the power that people assume he possesses. He does, of course, represent the President of the United States. With the Wizard’s illusion of power shattered, he is replaced by the Scarecrow who would ‘be another Lincoln’. The Wicked Witch of the West, fearful for her own power, then attempts to destroy Dorothy but is herself dissolved in a bucket of water, as rain relieves the Mid-West drought, saves the farmers’ livelihoods and prevents repossession by the banks. Water also represents liquidity. The Good Witch of the South, representing the Southern electorate, tells Dorothy that her silver slippers, silver-based money, are so powerful that anything she wishes for is possible, even without the help of the Wizard. Dorothy wishes to go home. There all is now well, because the land has a stable and abundant money supply. So ends this famous modern American ‘fairy-tale’. Its true message has been lost to the mists of time and the demands of Hollywood, but its message is no less pertinent now than when it was written.

William Jennings Bryan was neither the first nor the last American politician to try to reform the US money supply. In fact, two money reformers achieved the office of President and attempted to put money reform into action, but just like in the Oz story, the ‘Most Powerful Man in the World’ was not as powerful as people believed. In 1865, Abraham Lincoln introduced the original ‘greenbacks’, which were paper money issued by the US Government, largely to pay for the Federal war effort during the civil war. It was ‘FIAT’ money, money made legal tender by Act of Congress. Unfortunately, Lincoln died suddenly a few weeks later and his plans died with him. In 1963, John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110 which would have removed the power of money creation from all US private banks, including the privately-owned Federal Reserve, and invested that power in the US Government. Unfortunately, Kennedy died suddenly a few weeks later and his plans died with him. In the USA 100% of the money supply is created by the private banks. In Britain the figure is over 97%. In the rest of the world, the figure is estimated to be over 95%. All this money is created as a debt. It is created when people borrow money, as banks do not lend existing money; they just create new money out of thin air to lend. Money created as a debt by the banks bears a charge of interest. This increases the amount of money that the economy owes by an amount greater than the amount in existence. This means that the economy is saddled with a debt that can never be paid off, merely passed around like a game of Pass-the-Parcel in a Belfast pub. It is like a game of musical chairs, where someone has to lose out. Money does not have to be based on debt, nor indeed does it have to be based on precious metals (if everyone were honest). Real wealth is the goods and services that people create for each other. Money is merely a means of exchange. It could be created by the Treasury and spent on providing public services, saving us all a modicum of taxation, and then the economy would not have to be saddled with large debts. The lesson for us all is that 1. Government must issue (debt-free) money and control the quantity of money. 2. Government is not allowed to borrow. 3. Commercial banks can only lend out money they actually have. Otherwise they are guilty of counterfeiting. If they fail, they fail. No bank is too big to fail.

But the spiritual message of the "Wizard of Oz" is our focus. Let's first define the characters:

The most obvious parallel is Herbert Armstrong himself (Frank Morgan or some would say "Frankly More Gain" who actually resembled HWA in physical appearance ) who is "Professor Marvel" or the Wizard of Oz -- "Acclaimed by the Crowned Heads of Europe" -- "Let him read your past, present and future in his crystal" just as HWA mainly dealt with prophetic Bible topics that have been, are being and will be fulfilled. He has met with Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher, the royalty of Holland and Golda Meir of Israel. Also Menachim Begin. Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and Kenyata of Kenya. Prince Mikasa in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Indira Gandhi of India. Marcos of the Philippines, Juan Carlos of Spain and others. A student named Jonathan Rakestraw was the first to point out this feature, that these words were portrayed across the side of his horse-drawn wagon. He owns a hot air balloon (Ecliptic or the Suns's Path with Orion suspended underneath, not Capricorn German p.218, Patterns in the Sky) that he uses for "a quick getaway" just as many church members recognize that HWA can vent a lot of hot air when it is necessary to escape from a losing argument. His middle initial "W" never stood for anything. He put it in his name after discovering how common his name was and when some mail accidentally was sent to the wrong Herbert Armstrong who also lived in Pasadena. But this movie makes it clear that it stands for "Wonderful" or "Wizard" -- depending on whether he is right or wrong in any given situation. Emerald City is of course the Pasadena Campus with its beautiful Auditorium and green marble and green dichondra. But there is "sleight of hand" as HWA manipulates everyone. At first he says, "Don't believe me because I say it -- look in your own Bible and believe what you find there!" (April, 1979, Good News, p. 24). But as soon as the member enters the church, he says, "Obey those who have the rule over you." "The great Oz has spoken" is merely HWA spouting off trying to "speak with authority" or take the authority of God himself. Christ is the great "Alpha and Omega" or "AZ" -- not any human wizard of "OZ." "You're a humbug. You're a very bad man." "No my dear. I'm a very good man. I'm a very bad wizard." (Both extremes in the same person.) In regard to many doctrines, he has taught the Bible faithfully and can therefore be called a "good man." He printed the Plain Truth, Good News, Correspondence Course and many wonderful booklets and books filled with biblical truth and sent them freely to the world. He is a counterfeit ("Wizard of Gold") of the true WOG ("Wise Omnipotent God") of the other vision.

But at Ambassador College he never renounced the "blind obedience" and idolatry inherent in his college and to a lesser extent his church. "God backs him up even if he's wrong" was an idolatrous expression often heard at the college. The truth is that he was "backed up" in a different way (constipated). Nor did he reform the college from its mistreatment of students (who were systematically taught idolatry, lied to, stolen from, made to incriminate themselves, seduced, and/or enslaved and then in many cases discarded). "You have no rights," he told students. There was no presumption of innocense. "I can persecute students with impunity whether or not you are here" he said one day. "I want to see him suffer" was an expression he sometimes used indicating he was sadistic. He did make students suffer. He was a wizard. "Come to the slop to feed" he said sarcastically to the ministry one day, likening them to swine or pigs. "You people are all dumb sheep!" he said to the congregation on another occasion. "I may ridicule you briefly once you accept a job from me" was another threat he made. Employees were severely reprimanded for arbitrary reasons. "We could throw you in prison for criticizing us" was another threat. He had an angry temper. He generated sin needlessly by requiring his ministers to criticize targeted students and constantly interrogate them with many questions for two years, just as they treated our Lord: "the scribes and the Pharisees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things: LAYING WAIT FOR HIM, AND SEEKING TO CATCH SOMETHING OUT OF HIS MOUTH, that they might accuse him" (Luke 11:53-54). He even required students to criticize other students in order to remain at A.C. To attend a Bible study, the audience had to practically sign away all their rights to use the information they would subsequently learn. The college library was closed for extended periods as a "punishment". Photocopier had ink cartridge removed. Bible classes denied to some students unfairly. All this went on UNDER THE NOSES of many professing Christians and ordained ministers. As Proverbs 25:26 says, "Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked." Leviticus 19:31 says, "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, NEITHER SEEK AFTER WIZARDS, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God." HWA used his oratory and "strong arm" MESMERIZING techniques for SELF-EXALTATION to awe the audience so he could POSSESS other peoples' MINDS with his own, and make their WILLS subject to his own. He deliberately stole one student's notes claiming that "students have no rights." But the studend responded that thieves will reap what they sow. He talked about the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" which are white, red, black and pale green. In the Emerald City, however, he had a "horse of a different color" -- it keeps changing color -- but NOT the colors specified by the Bible. This may indicate that his prophecies were sometimes unbiblical -- or "Roman." As one letter to the editor stated, "I dislike ... your claim to be the one true church, and as such, the sole depository of the entire truth" (p.33, GN, Aug 1974). Or "Please cancel my subscription to Plain Truth. I can no longer tolerate the fact that you feel only your followers are the true Christians" (p.14, PT, April 5, 1975). His church government was like the Roman Catholic Church or Roman Empire with him as Caesar or Pope. Viewing the larger picture, he typified the U.S. (E. Pluribus Unum) which is also a combination of good and bad or "Roman." When he died, the church apostasized wholesale and it became necessary to preserve the truth to start again. The same may be true when America dies. It will be necessary to preserve the best in America and to start again.

The next character we encounter is "Hulk" who tells Dorothy she has straw for brains and should know better than to walk by Miss Gulch's place. "Use your head" he says. He becomes the "Scarecrow." Herman Louie (Ludwig) Hoeh (Ray Bolger) is the scholar of the church, known for his quality of thought and brilliant, researching mind. He became known as "the BRAIN" in the early days of AC. An "honorary degree of ThD" is a Doctor of THEOLOGY from AC in 1963 given to HLH. He wants to "be another Lincoln." He is a "fertility sacrifice" -- which is what a scarecrow was anciently used for. A real victim was crucified to have fertile crops next year. Nevertheless he is so harmless even crows are not afraid of him. He is one minister at Pasadena that didn't persecute students. Instead, he went out of his way to defend students. He was known as a generous servant and peacemaker who would often anonymously give groceries to the needy. He took the bus or drove an old car to work -- unlike other ministers. Notice that he solves most of the problems in the movie. Notice the (lunar red crescent) ruby, (lunar white) diamond, green (Milky Way) emerald and (solar) gold nugget coming from his mouth. When a student unknowingly described his sermons using this terminology, he joked that these were the fillings from his teeth falling out of his mouth. He got the apples for Dorothy by insulting the trees. He used the tin man's (lunar) axe to cut the chandelier so it fell on the witches' troops. When everyone started to fall asleep (Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion), due to the (lunar red crescent) poppies (hypnotic sermons requiring happiness and smiling obedience -- propaganda often heard saying, "This is the happiest place on earth"), he said, "This is a spell. Help." Then the (Milky Way) snow came and the tin man (Perseus) rusted again but the scarecrow (Auriga) (solar oil can) oiled him and oil is a type of the Holy Spirit (1 Sam. 16:13; John 16:13; 1 John 2:27) which God gives to those who obey him (Acts 5:32).

Just as the scarecrow said, "I can't make up my mind.... It's hard to know what to do," so also Herman Hoeh had to be FLEXIBLE in the WCG. He found support for a MONDAY PENTECOST when HWA taught that belief. Then later he supported a Sunday Pentecost when the doctrine was changed. First the PYRAMIDS were OLDER than Noah's Flood (Ant. 1:2:3); then they were younger when HWA changed (Job 38). HEALING also was changed to the point that "We can no longer call any drug, or any operation, either right or wrong" -- Herman Hoeh in c.1976. DIVORCE and REMARRIAGE changed from premarital fraud only to sexual sins after marriage as well. In 1959 he asserted "the Jews have preserved God's (calculated) CALENDAR " as an oracle (p.15, March 1959, Plain Truth). Yet the Bible calendar is a visual calendar (Gen. 1:14) -- not calculated. Also Christ was supposedly "CIRCUMCISED FOR" Gentiles so that all they need now is to be "circumcised in the heart" -- not flesh (Plain Truth, Aug. 1953, p.13). But Paul said no UNCLEAN person will enter the kingdom. Hoeh taught that Egypt's Dynasty 18 did not transpire in the time of the Exodus; nor were the Amarna Letters written in the days of the Exodus according to the Compendium volume 1. But later admitted both pertained to the Exodus period. Hoeh taught the 430-year period (Ex. 12:40-41; Gal. 3:17) was not from Abraham's 75th year (Gen. 12:4), but his 99th according to volume 2. Yet we know it was from his 75th year. That's the problem with having someone else always doing your thinking for you. You look ridiculous -- a "witch's cap" -- "a STRAWY epistle" -- whenever HWA's opinion changed. But "What is the chaff (straw) to the wheat? saith the Lord" (Jer. 23:28). This was because Herman Hoeh was under multiple CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS making him what is often called a STRAWMAN, which is simply the “person” as defined and bound by these contracts. The “person” is artificial and used for the purposes of contracts. Thus a "STRAW MAN" argument is a misrepresentation. His name "Hoeh" is pronounced "HAY" which is of course what scarecrows are made of -- STRAW and HAY. "Instead of perfume there will be a STINK; instead of a sash, a ROPE; instead of styled hair, shaved heads; instead of expensive clothes, RAGS as mourning clothes; instead of beauty, SHAME" (Isa. 3:24). There may be a similarity of appearance between this actor and HLH. It is certainly true that no homosexual will enter into the kingdom. It is an abomination. If he can't stand "upright" but keeps "falling down" morally, and if the name "Bolger" is similar to "vulgar", God will be his judge. It appears that a NOOSE is tightened around his neck (death sentence?). Whatever the pole and nail symbolism means, whatever the brown nose on the scarecrow and the "Super XXXX" symbolism means, we know that Herman Hoeh was a gentleman and a scholar that we hope to see in the kingdom. Christ's sacrifice is enough to cover any sin that is repented of.

"Zeke" tells Dorothy to "Have a little courage and spit in her eye." Yet he is afraid of pigs. He is the "Cowardly Lion" (not "Scotland the Brave") who is condemned by Dorothy for "picking on things weaker that you are." He says, "I'm afraid of sheep." "My life has been simply unbearable.""Born to be a Sissy. I'm a Dandi-LION." Notice the SCARLET ribbon in a bow on his head. Raymond Franklin McNair is Scottish -- a Lion (Bert Lahr some have interpreted as "Liar"). He continually told students to eat more wheat germ to have the "nerve" to act masculine. He preached a sermon justifying lying and teaching that it is biblical to lie to enemies and he cited many biblical examples (Abraham, Jacob, Rahab, David, Samuel, etc.). He gave students this advice to level the playing field since ministers were habitual liars already. He is crowned king by both the tin woodsman and scarecrow just as RFM was the "Dean of Faculty" at Ambassador College. Daniel 7 demonstrates that God gives men the minds of a wild beast when they refuse to acknowledge him or obey him. The "cowardly lion" wants the trees to kneel and the mountains to bow to HIM -- not to God. Once again the sin of "blind obedience" and idolatry toward men. His great concern was that students should pick up cigarette butts from the campus walkways to keep the campus clean -- while he ignored the much more important problems of "blind obedience" and persecution going on campus wide. He was afraid to deal with the serious problems of the church. One student said, "Next he will have us all weeding out the Dandilions from the dichondra." The Cowardly Lion is the most lovable character in the movie and we genuinely wonder where that lovable nature disappeared. We didn't see or hear much of it. He asked a student if he would be willing to be a "deliverer" of the campus? The student replied that "all Christians are deliverers -- with a small 'd' --that's what Christians do." That was all it took to be made the human target and "whipping boy" of verbal abuse on the campus for two years. He tried to "buy" this "right" to persecute the student by promising a gift later, but the student wouldn't accept such a gift because it implied payment for a service which is not for sale.

"Hickory" (Jack Haley) says, "Someday they're going to erect a (Perseus) STATUE to me in this town" so he becomes the COLD METAL STATUE that is rusted solid. Daniel 2 describes a METAL STATUE that portrays the worship of men. Notice that TIN is not as valuable as gold, silver, or brass (1 Cor. 3:12). "Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become DROSS: all they are brass, and TIN, and iron, and lead, in the midst of the furnace; they are even the DROSS of silver" (Ez. 22:18). Roderick C. Meredith taught "church government" which is synonymous with idolatry and blind obedience. It is represented by an upside down funnel on his head, preventing truth from entering. A student remarked, "Off the top of my head" I can think of several ways an upside down funnel is appropriate for RCM. He initially rejected the Talmud wholesale and the practice of wearing tassels and condemned unsmiling students. What does "off the top of my head" mean? It means "WITHOUT THINKING MUCH" and that may be the meaning of an upside-down funnel on your head. A cold statue has no heart -- no kindness -- without feelings (a ROBOT) -- toward "independent-minded" students. He is "PAST FEELING" (Eph. 4:19). Just hostility and cruelty which he calls "discipline" and no sympathy for the "UNDERDOG" (his word for "rebellious" "disciplined" Christians). His problem is that he has NO HOLY SPIRIT -- a lack of oil (solar oil can). This is the characteristic of the five foolish virgins (Laodicea) (Matt. 25). He chops down trees (human rulers -- Judges 9:8-15). This tin woodsman's (lunar) axe is dull and therefore he always has an "AXE TO GRIND" when he gives his lectures, making his audience squirm. To justify his funnel, Meredith has said several times, "Guard your mind, students" as if an inverted funnel were a good thing. He blows "SMOKE" (heresy -- Rev. 9:2 or God's anger -- 2 Sam. 22:9; Deut. 29:20) and has been likened to an OPEN SEWER PIPE flowing through the center of the campus. "Then you will defile your SILVER-PLATED IDOLS and your gold-plated images. You will throw them away like menstrual cloths, and call them FILTH" (Isa. 30:22, CSB).

"Dorothy" (Judy Garland "wreath of flowers") "fell into a PIG PEN " when she flew by plane from Britain to visit Pasadena. Her house fell from a "Kansas star," because her son David (her "toto" or "ALL" the children she had) had fallen and injured his head while climbing the face of a cliff in California. But he lived. David explained that his mother knew how to "deal" with these oppressive men in the ministry. Another student asked to borrow her for a couple of months to do a task for him. When she arrived on campus, the ministers began to act more civilized. They had been acting like tyrants and barbarians. Her arrival, in effect, squashed a witch. "There are good bitches and bad bitches." When she came to Pasadena in 1981, a student discussed the persecuting ministry with her and told her, "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore." She said, "I never was in Kansas. Where am I now?" He said, "You're in California, a land of fruits and nuts." She had been praying for a VISION (like the one in lesson 43), and this was God's answer. Therefore, she likened the campus to the land of Oz and HWA to the wizard. Etcetera. She made it a point to tell the ministry that their persecution of students was unbiblical. Then she remained at AC to ensure that the ministry didn't persecute students behind her back. She performed the function of a PTA member and represented the parents' interests with respect to ALL (toto) the students. The wicked witch of the east therefore may have been the Big Sandy campus Dean of Students and the wicked witch of the west may have been the Pasadena campus Dean of Students. Both were eventually "liquidated" due to God using Dorothy and her "black dog" Toto to expose them. "This honor have all his saints"; "to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people" (Ps. 149:7-9) -- especially two corrupt banking systems. Members then recognized this movie as a vision exposing the idolatry in the church. "Who would think you, a little girl, could destroy my beautiful WICKEDNESS" said the wicked witch of the west. Yes it was "a land of FRUITS and NUTS." Yes it was a PIG PEN. "Surrender Dorothy" indicated how desperate the ministry became to get rid of her. The ruby slippers are simply her obedience to God -- her walking with God -- which was so beautiful and valuable. This woman literally threw a bucket of water on several of the most deserving ministers out of a desire to obey God's vision. She also purchased a pair of ruby slippers and a woven basket while in California.

Other fulfillments may include Herbert Armstrong's own daughter and the mother of another student -- both with the name "Dorothy". There was even a scholar of the church, who could speak five languages, named Charles Dorothy, who was mistreated by HWA and banned from setting foot on the college grounds, a sentence later rescinded in 1982. Also an A.C. librarian named Dorothy who quit because of her unconverted boss. There were multiple fulfillments of this element. Due to the fact that HWA committed incest with his daughter Dorothy, he forbade anyone on campus from discussing the movie Wizard of Oz. But he finally confessed. A student asked if he had repented. He responded, "Many times."

A lunar basket or lunar pail of water is formed in Virgo's hand when a solar crystal ball is formed near Orion that is 111° days away. Clockwise from when Dorothy (Virgo) phoned the number on the RSVP invitation of another student and took his place by meeting with Herbert Armstrong (Orion the Wizard) at his home in Pasadena in late 1981 till she (yellow radius line) threw a (lunar) pail of water on a senior evangelist (Orion) in 1982 might be 111 days. We have no confirmation of the exact dates yet. It is significant that the number 111 was also the P.O. Box of Herbert W. Armstrong and the church. Later that same year, Dorothy showed that same student the (red lunar crescent & Andromeda constellation) ruby slippers she had recently bought in California.

Notice Toto (Canis Minor) pulling back the (Milky Way) curtain exposing the wizard and his crimes (Cetus, Capricorn, Andromeda, Pisces, etc.). Notice the wizard (Orion) looking into his (solar) crystal ball. Notice the wizard (Orion) turning up the flame of his temper and making a fast getaway from a losing argument in a (solar burner) hot-air (black-ecliptic-zodiac-filled-with-guilt-trips-against-the-innocent) balloon. The wizard (Auriga) rides in a (solar wheel) carriage. Orion is the monkey constellation according to the Chinese. The twister (Milky Way), Munchkins (Gemini), Scarecrow (Auriga), Tin Man (Perseus), Glinda (Cassiopeia in Milky Way white) inside her (zodiac) bubble and a (crescent) red poppy with black center are all present. Notice also that Herbert Armstrong holds a wonderful torch of light and (plain) truth in a dark world. Two witches (Coma, Andromeda, Virgo & Cassiopeia) dressed in black each ride a (yellow radius) broomstick. Who are they? Pasadena and Big Sandy colleges both persecuted Christian students. The black-and-white striped socks are the tail of Cetus. The green Milky Way witch face can only be Cassiopeia's -- who rides a broomstick also.

Two witches' broomsticks indicate fornication with two different witches. Both HWA (incest with daughter Dorothy for 10 years: once, he gagged her, tied her to a bed [Andromeda] and raped her) and GTA (sex with over 200 female A.C. students, prostitutes, babysitters, etc.), as well as some other ministers, have been guilty of this sin. Leaving aside the cases of physical rape, many members were "raped" financially, emotionally and doctrinally by this church and its two colleges. The yellow radius lines indicate this by reaching into everyone's pockets and taking their gold. This is one meaning of "follow the yellow brick road" money trail. Herbert Armstrong died 16 January 1986 and his "contractual hold" on people died with him, or soon thereafter when the WCG ceased to exist or the Statute of Limitations "ran out." "Somewhere over the (Milky Way) rainbow, skies are blue (not black), and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true." But most of the members were never told about the Wizard of Oz vision: "We see not our (zodiac) signs; there is no more any prophet (HWA assured them), neither is there among us any that knoweth how long" (Ps. 74:9). But "He revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7).

How many "coincidental parallels" have been listed so far? If we can admit to ten parallels, then there is only one chance in 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5 = 9,765,625 that this is coincidence. "Oh that men would praise the Lord for his GOODNESS, and for his WONDERFUL WORKS to the children of men! And let them offer the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and DECLARE HIS WORKS with rejoicing" (Ps. 107:21-22) "Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt GLORIFY ME" (Ps. 50:15). "Call unto me and I will answer thee and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not" (Jer. 33:3).

TOTO (French "ALL") represents ALL the Christian students at Ambassador College each year and ALL years who gave ALL they had to fight against the unbiblical oppression. They bit back. They were ALL treated like a DOG; and they were ALL UNDERDOGS. They were ALL criticized, harrassed and questioned continually as though they were the problem -- in order to make them conform. But the real problem was coming from the Hall of Administration -- right under the noses of the hierarchy, yet none of the ministers seemed capable of sensing it. They have noses but can't smell the stink (Ps. 115:6-8). It will make a difference. But "if we suffer with him, we shall also be glorified with him" (Rom. 8:17). A "BLACK DOG" typifies the "guilt trips" (DEPRESSION) suffered at the hands of the "ministry." Remarkably, the star in the neck of Little Dog is called Al Gomeisa (Arabic) meaning "the burdened, loaded, bearing for others." Procyon means "Redeemer" referring to our Lord Yeshua. Also TOTO was ALL the students who were a WATCHDOG. Compare Isaiah 56:10 which says, "His WATCHMEN ... are like mute DOGS. They cannot bark (point out the sins)." Why not? Because there was a monopoly on the communications. Only evil men were allowed in the pulpit. Nevertheless, TOTO was ALL those who were able to bark or point out the sins and expose the evil. "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE THEM. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret" (Eph.5:11-12). Toto "bit" Elmirah Gulches' ankle and "She hit TOTO over the back with a rake." ("Rake" verb means "to search through or ransack". Noun is "a man without moral principles".) "He got away, he got away" from the WICKER basket coffin. HWA called him a "MUT." As for the charge that "TOTO is a menace to the community," this charge was proven false. TOTO (Canis Minor) simply used his MOUTH to attack a known witch and used his MOUTH to pull back the (Milky Way) curtain on a wizard:

What did "pulling back the curtain" refer to? A member of the church privately composed an unofficial two-page survey that was distributed to all the students at A.C. to evaluate college performance and so that any student greivances could be aired. Their names were kept anonymous. These forms were collected and given to Raymond F McNair who tried to minimize their importance. When a cashier in the cafeteria was unfairly fired, she sent letters to all the top evangelists at Pasadena telling them of the injustice. A cook was exposed for poisoning the food, and fired. A minister / psychiatrist was publicly condemned for being a false accuser, idolater, thief, blasphemer and persecuter of Christians. When he refused to repent, a second witness confirmed the testimony. The Dean of Students was publicly marked and disfellowshipped by one student. A senior evangelist was told that his mouth was an unclean, open sewer and that he was "past feeling." A history teacher was condemned for his arrogance. When asked if the church was a cult, one student replied that it was like other churches in Revelation 2-3. "This thou hast ... Sabbath, festivals, kosher laws, tithing and avoiding pagan holidays ... but I have somewhat against thee ... teaching blind obedience idolatry and persecuting students. Repent." Etcetera. Toto also pulled back the curtain on 1.) the enslavement contract, 2.) the "blind obedience" idolatry repeatedly taught, 3.) the countless guilt trips laid on innocent students -- no presumption of innocense. 4.) the attempts to seduce students using female employees, and 5.) fraud of a "bait and switch" entrance contract and misnomers like "Bible college" "recapturing true values" run by "Christians" which turned out to be a "sign-away-your-rights" entrance contract giving license to tyrants to persecute after Christians moved down to the college, and started taking classes, and paying tuition. 6.) Students were required to take classes they didn't want as pre-requisites, and then denied the classes they did want to take after completing the prerequisites. Students were threatened with prison time for voicing legitimate objections. (No I'm not joking.) Re-negotiating the contract and changing the conditions of the contract were procedures employed to "justify" cancelling classes forcing students to create their own class by photocopying magazines; and trading a historicism teaching for no liability. A student finally publicly stood up and nullified all contracts between any student, past, present or future, and the college and church due to the many frauds taking place. Tape recorders were constantly used while trying to incriminate "rebellious" students. All employees were required to listen to these conversations. These intimidation and coercion techniques were used by the Wizard and his ministers to cause fear and encourage "blind obedience" and conformity. They treated our Lord the same way in the first century: "And as he said these things unto them, the scribes and the Pharisees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things: LAYING WAIT FOR HIM, AND SEEKING TO CATCH SOMETHING OUT OF HIS MOUTH, that they might accuse him," (Luke 11:53-54).

Our Lord provided this vision as an answer to a prayer. An English woman named Dorothy privately asked in prayer for a vision like the Chariots of Fire vision. Later she was discussing the inadequacies of AC ministers with another student and was told jokingly, "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore." She correctly took this as the answer to her prayer. Then students (TOTO) used it to expose the wizard. A student took this vision and explained it to all the employees. He told them to watch the movie called Wizard of Oz and then determine for themselves if it is a vision or not. The parallels are there for all to see. Thus the truth came out. They were told to count the number of parallels and the likelihood of each parallel being mere chance. If each feature has a one-in-five chance of occurring (very conservative), and there are at least ten parallels or features, then the probability is one in 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5 or 1 in 9,765,625 chance. While HWA was trying to publicly embarrass and intimidate the student in front of all employees, the student publicly exposed HWA by mentioning all of these offenses plus the vision: "Every employee needs to realize that Herbert Armstrong is a wizard and a wonderful man. He is both extremes. He does wonderful things when he publishes the booklets, Plain Truth, Good News, Correspondence Course and broadcasts on TV and radio. But what he does here on this campus is not wonderful. It is wizard-like. If you're an employee, you need to obey him when he tells you to do something wonderful. But if he tells you to do something wizard-like, you need to say, 'No. I'm a Christian. I can't do that.' And if he fires you, then so be it. Get another job. There are plenty of other jobs out there. Anybody who participates in any of these activities (enumerated above), or any other activity of a similar nature, will not enter into the kingdom. Paul said so. He wrote a whole paragraph on who won't enter the kingdom; and I dare say that all five of these sins are found in his paragraph. It's a legal doctine of clean hands -- derived from the Bible. Who shall ascend onto thy holy hill? He who hath clean hands" (Ps. 24:3-4)

"Elmirah Gulch" is the wicked WITCH of the East and West. She owns "half the county" and has been doing evil for 23 years. Figuring back from 1981, that would be 1958. "In the early 1950s, Herbert Armstrong did a dramatic, almost unbelievable, about-face in his belief and understanding of church government. [See "Did Christ Re-organize His Church?" by Herbert W. Armstrong. The Good News Magazine, Eugene, Oregon, February-April, 1939.] He established an authoritarian, one-man ruling, central church government, that received tithes centrally, paid ministers' salaries from a central headquarters, enforced strict doctrinal conformity, fired ministers at will, disfellowshipped members for daring to question the rule of church leaders, refused to work with others, and claimed to be the only organization through whom God was working. Through a gradual process, the church took on a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSONALITY. Before his death in 1986, Armstrong claimed that the "Primacy of Peter" doctrine was valid after all, and that he, as The Apostle, had absolute rule in the Church. The "Babylon" of what his organization became, was far more devastating than the Salem and Stanberry organizations of the Church of God, Seventh Day." (Herbert W. Armstrong & Church Government Study No. 141, by Richard Nickels). "His ye are to whom ye OBEY" (Rom. 6:16). Cassiopeia is the only woman constellation with a green Milky Way face and hands.

Two Deans of Students on the Big Sandy and Pasadena campuses were the two fulfillments. The Big Sandy Dean once wore a pair of WHITE-AND-BLACK STRIPED SOCKS in acknowledgment of this belief. One student used the expression, "which he is" in referring to the Pasadena Dean and that was interpreted as "Witch he is" by another student. The Pasadena Dean of Students offered to trade his thesis on the Two Babylons for each student's obedience. If any student refused to obey him, he warned that life would be hard for the next two years. He then carried out his threat by locking the door of the dorm to prevent any such student from exiting. He would lock the door of the cafeteria to prevent any such students from coming in. He would steal their food tickets so they couldn't buy a meal. He would threaten them with prison time for criticizing him. He would start slanderous rumors. He would try to seduce them using female employees. Employ a bait-and-switch fraudulent contract. Teach blind obedience idolatry. And lay guilt trips on innocent students using the bully pulpit. He is on record as saying, "Christians are a bunch of losers." He is on record as comparing SAM MUSSABINI with Satan the Devil (cp. Sam Hill; Samhain). Deuteronomy 18:10-12 says, "There shall not be found among you any ... WITCH ... or a WIZARD... For all that do these things are an ABOMINATION unto the Lord." "These people are a stench in my nostrils, an acrid smell that never goes away" (Isa. 65:5). The word "ABOMINATION" sometimes means "STINK" (See Strong's Greek # 948; cp. Luke 16:15; Rev. 21:27). Elmirah Gulch and her soldiers are "GREEN with ENVY." After HWA died, and the WCG closed its doors, many of the top American "ministers" revealed their true colors. At the 1998 Annual Conference of Evangelical Ministries of New Religions, G.R.A stated, "I believe we have judged his teachings ... virtually all his teachings are in error ...[HWA] was a heretic." If we look at the bigger picture, perhaps there is another broader message. We know there are two persecuting religions in the world -- Islam (green face) and Roman Catholicism (ruby slippers). We can only wonder if the United States will be ruled by both of them just as Europe was in the past.

"Glinda -- the good witch of the North" was speculated to be Loma Linda University which was north of Pasadena and Big Sandy and belongs to Seventh-Day Adventists who don't persecute their students. It is remarkable that HWA's Pasadena Campus had a building called the Loma D. Armstrong Academic Center. Therefore the bad witch (Ambassador College) counterfeited the good witch by the same name. Both witches were named "Loma." (We mean no offense to Loma Armstrong.) In the book Divine Predictions Fulfilled, author F.C. Gilbert, an Adventist himself, said, "... the human medium, Mrs. E. G. White ..." in talking about the visions she had. It is up to each individual to decide what the source of those visions was and who was speaking to her. On page 657 of the Great Controversy, she quotes Isaiah 24 and leaves out much of it. Read Isaiah 11 also.

A Wizard of Oz "Curse" On An Idolatrous, Persecuting College: "Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm (strong), and whose heart departeth from from the Eternal" (Jer. 17:5).
Symbol Meaning
1. cowardly lion 1. Raymond McNair -- idolatrous wild beast (Dan. 7)
afraid to take a stand against idolatry & oppression
2. scarecrow 2. Herman Hoeh -- pronounced "Hay"; intelligent with ThD but falls down morally XXXX
3. tin woodsman 3. Rod Meredith -- idolatrous metal statue (Dan. 2) with axe to grind and no oil (Holy Spirit)
4. wizard of Oz 4. Herbert W. Armstrong -- both a Wizard (evil) and a Wonderful man (good) are his middle name
5. wicked witches of east & west 5. Deans of Students of Big Sandy TX & Pasadena CA who persecute Christian students; Islam (green)
and Roman Catholicism (ruby slippers)
6. munchkins 6. man-chickens; AC students prevented from growing spiritually
7. blue flying monkeys 7. Ministers (monks) monkeying around with Scripture throwing a monkey wrench into Christians' lives and teaching "blind obedience" till they're "blue in the face."
8. Land of Oz 8. Ambassador College -- a broken incubator
9. hot air balloon 9. Many heated words to help HWA escape from a losing argument
10. Toto 10. All those students (underdogs) treated like dogs for all barking a watchdog warning exposing fraud and all getting "black dog" depression as a result
11. Dorothy 11. mother of one student; who defended all students from injustice (PTA representative)
12. Crystal Balls 12. using tape recorders, video cameras and students to spy and gather information on everyone
13. Glinda 13. Loma Linda University doesn't persecute its SDA students and is north of Pasadena
14. Poppy field 14. False religion drugs you to sleep (spiritual death)


The chicks being transferred from the broken incubator to the open air world is symbolic of the (Gemini) Munchkins (man chickens) gaining their "Day of Independence" after Dorothy killed the witch or told the ministry to stop oppressing students. HWA actually shut down A.C. in 1982 temporarily because so many students had seen Chariots of Fire and Wizard of Oz and knew of the corruption going on. Notice the stunted growth of these (Gemini) dwarfs because of their artificial environment. Lollipops and Lullabys and well landscaped lawns are all artificial just like the people. "Political correctness" applies to religion too. Students at A.C. have been likened to "Chipmunks" and "yellow pencils" by Gary Antion and others. "People come and go so quickly here" because of being disfellowshipped or persecuted. The Freshman class is about 200 students. But it quickly thins down so that by the junior or senior year there are maybe 50 students left of the 200. This can be proven by looking at the student directory from year to year. "The sooner you get out of Oz altogether the better you are." Less guilt trips. The (red lunar crescent with black center) poppies are "attractive to the eyes and soothing to the smell" but poisonous. "Poppies will put them to sleep." False "religion is the (lunar white seed pod) opiate (opium from poppies) of the people." Both campuses are beautifully landscaped with flower-beds. But "the wicked witch is dead. Rub your eyes, Get out of bed." Get out of all artificial environments that stunt spiritual growth such as "blind obedience" and oppressive coercion of a ministry teaching IDOLATRY. Too much reliance on HUMAN ministers. "You need to talk to a minister" is the standard response whenever a member begins to talk about Scripture to another member. God gave us minds to think with and Bibles to read. That is how we should form our conclusions.

The leaders of this church have even admitted the church is LAODICEAN: Herman Hoeh admitted "This is the LAODICEAN Church" (to Richard Nickels in 1973). "We are shaking off the LAODICEAN lukewarmness that was beginning to DRUG US to SLEEP" (HWA Coworker Letter 23 Oct. 1978). "We, undoubtedly of the Philadelphia Era ... are in serious danger of becoming also the LAODICEAN Era" (GN, Aug. 1979, HWA). "Have we not been becoming LUKEWARM? ... If we are LUKEWARM, we shall be spewed out of Christ's mouth" (HWA Coworker Letter, 15 July 1985). "(T)he LAODICEAN spirit is beginning to take root within God's church" (JWT sermon, 26 Dec. 1987, Sydney Australia). The false church government teaching began around 1953! Most of the PHILADELPHIANS were disfellowshipped after 1953. According to Strong's Greek concordance, Laodicea is a combination of two words, LAOS which it defines as "PEOPLE" and DIKE, which is defined by Strong's as "RIGHT," "JUDGMENT," "PUNISH," and "VENGEANCE." -- PEOPLE'S JUDGMENT. Smith's Bible Dictionary defines Laodicea to mean "JUSTICE of the PEOPLE". The predominant characteristic of this Church is that PEOPLE (ministers) decide what is RIGHT and PEOPLE (ministers) decide who to PUNISH and PEOPLE (ministers) JUDGE who is right or wrong. Dependence on a HUMAN ministry is IDOLATRY.


The blue flying monkeys are "monks, monkeying around (with the Bible and with Christians) in their monkeries" according to Gerald Waterhouse. They are the equivalent of the sherriff and courts of Elmirah Gulch. Any minister that monkeys around with the Scriptures is a "monk, monkeying around in his monkery." They are "blue in the face" (exhausted) in their slavery and servitude to the "blind obedience" and idolatry in the church. They are "blue in the face" trying to teach lies that no Christian listens to or obeys. "They always throw a monkey wrench into the works whenever a Christian tries to teach the Bible," as one student put it. These monkeys persecute under the guise of "prosecution". They use tape recorders and focus the spotlight on the victim rather than themselves. Instead of even-handed consistency, they participate in a double standard -- one law for the ministry and quite another for the student body. They need to remind themselves of the Scripture to "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" (Matt. 7:1-3). The Seattle Police Department may also be typified by these blue monkeys. The blue Monkey Head Nebula in Orion is shown below.

Uncle Henry Gale typifies the twister itself with its gale-force winds which portrays God ("pillar of the cloud") who is the father of Dorothy and the power behind everything.

Aunt Emily Gale (Aunt Em) is the true church.

Emerald City is Ambassador College. This is the BROKEN INCUBATOR. How was this Bible College broken?

After they arrive and pay their money and start taking classes, the students are told that they have NO RIGHTS and that by remaining and taking classes they are agreeing that they have NO RIGHTS. Ministers then use this "agreement" as a LICENSE to DISOBEY every CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLE and treat students terribly. Only five very basic Bible classes were taught in the first two years. They were called Fundamentals, Old Testament Survey, Doctrines, Gospels and Epistles. Any student who has merely read a few reference books as well as church booklets or Correspondence Course or Good News prior to coming to A.C. would know the same amount of information as was taught in these courses.

But in addition, students were required to take secular classes they didn't want to take as "prerequisites", but were not allowed to take 4th year Bible classes they did want and paid for. After two years of HWA postponing their objectives, each student was then given a choice of either signing a contract where he pledged his loyalty and obedience to the church with threats of a $3000.00 fine for each violation, or on the other hand, he must leave the college and forfeit his tuition money, time spent, and "prerequisite" classes taken. Either choice was STEALING from him -- so the process became FRAUD and his signature became meaningless. HWA was continually renegotiating the contract. FRAUD can go both ways. To those who deliberately pretend to be "Christian" and to operate a "Bible College" which "recaptures true values" and where "the word of God is the foundation of all knowledge," yet turn around and defraud, steal from and persecute Christians, they deserve to be defrauded. Students are forced to LIE.

Each new class after the two-year mark required that the student sign another contract not to disclose any material learned in that class to any one else. No evangelism or preaching allowed, which is the whole purpose of Christians going to a Bible College. Each Bible study also had that same requirement. This is RENEGOTIATING the CONTRACT. No copy of these contracts are given to students. Three out of every four students who entered never graduated. If the administration prevents you from taking classes that were the whole purpose in your taking prerequisite classes, you deserve your money back and compensation for time lost. It is called "BAIT-and-SWITCH" by the legal profession.

This is how HWA gained control. Students didn't want to lose their money, time or prerequisites so they signed. Then students were progressively lured into more and more degrading, humiliating servitude until each student ended up paying five times over for what he thought was a normal college class. 1. First by tuition. 2. Then by "prerequisites" he must take which they deny were prerequisites. 3. This required time he must spend. But that was not enough. 4. He must then sign a contract stating that he won't teach contrary to the church or start his own church, and 5. that required obedience to church government -- "blind obedience" idolatry.

The correct response on the part of each student should be to retract his signature publicly, orally and within two weeks of signing. It then becomes a legal retraction. If they object and say "You can't do that," point out that the 5-hour Freshman lecture was the same type of thing in the opposite direction. It was also an oral change or retraction about 3-6 months after each student showed initial interest in going to the college. Whereas several significant changes (moving to Pasadena, taking classes, paying tuition) occurred between the student's initial interest and the Dean of Student's retraction ("It's not a Bible College; we're not Christians; we're not recapturing true values"), no significant changes occurred two years later between the student's signature and the student's oral retraction. Therefore the student's oral statement carries more weight than the Dean of Students'. They can't answer this.

In addition, students are told they have no rights. No privacy. No appeal of unfair decisions. No cross-examination. No trial. No equal time. They have no self defense from arbitrary criticism and "guilt trips". It is unconstitutional. They are kept in the dark as far as policies and information. Not given a copy of contracts. HWA regularly uses a tape recorder to try and incriminate students. He puts words in other people's mouths that they wouldn't say. In other words, your best friend will come up to you and tell you that blind obedience is a good thing. He is required to say it to stay at AC. HWA is trying to get you to compromise and admit on tape that the lie is true. Then he can say you're a hypocrite. Ministers were characterized as "above criticism" from students since "God would correct them if they were wrong." This is a DOUBLE STANDARD: There shall be one law for the Israelite and the stranger (or visitor) that dwelleth among you (Teacher and student). No ruler above the law and no peasant beneath it (Num. 9:14; Lev. 24:22). But there were two different laws. BLIND OBEDIENCE to men's oral law however arbitrary it may be rather than the correct policy that the oral law is only binding (Deut. 18 & Matt. 24) if it doesn't add to or subtract from Bible law (Deut. 4:2). "Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard" (Jer. 12:10). Innocent students are continually criticized and PERSECUTED. Seduced. Made to INCRIMINATE themselves. Screaming and yelling at students using "cry aloud and spare not" when the scripture applies to sins not mere issues regarding fellowshipping, smiling, dating, where one sits and other such subjective and arbitrary criteria. "With force and with cruelty have you ruled them" (Ez. 34:4). "I am against the shepherds and I will require my flock at their hand" (Ez. 34:10). NO FAIR TRIAL: The right to a public, speedy trial where you can face your accuser and have equal time. Innocent till proven guilty. At Ambassador College, the administration met privately, gossiped privately and voted privately. Students were arbitrarily accused of "demon-possession" and "homosexuality." Any protest was called "rebellious". Yet the Bible gives students the right to follow Matthew 18:15-18. Students are kicked out of the college without even knowing what they supposedly did wrong. Students are DENIED the use of tape recorders. Ministers ALWAYS tape record students however. Students are FORBIDDEN to record sermons or criticize ministers. But ministers REGULARLY criticize students and attendance is MANDATORY.

The Plain Truth regularly advertises in glowing terms a college that "Recaptures True Values" with a unique education based on the Bible. This is FALSE advertising. Truth be known, it is just the opposite in many ways. Therefore, in order to not be held liable for a lawsuit, a WCG minister will give a 5-hour warning in Freshman year, explaining these concepts and claiming students are "without excuse for being defrauded of their time and money and innocense." But if that warning were sincere, it would be a WRITTEN warning, all five hours of it -- not oral. It would be given PRIOR to the student filling out an application, PRIOR to the student paying money, PRIOR to the student moving down to the campus and PRIOR to the student getting immunized. If that warning were sincere, it would be given on an OFFICIAL CHURCH LETTERHEAD and signed by a high ranking CHURCH OFFICIAL everyone knows. As it is, it merely sounds like a legal disclaimer that is always OVERSTATED by lawyers to protect clients from frivolous lawsuits. A real warning, if they were sincere, would be a included with every college catalogue, with the OFFICIAL letterhead on it, BEFORE the student sends any money or moves down to the campus or signs any application. That letter would summarize what goes on in detail.

"Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks? Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock. The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with FORCE and with CRUELTY have ye ruled them. And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered. My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them. Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD; As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock; Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them" (Ez. 34:1-10).

But this is not unique to Ambassador College. These same issues pertain to AMERICA at large. The same LOSS of RIGHTS is happening all across this country. Real men are being turned into cowardly lions. Also they are being transformed into "wood hay and stubble" (1 Cor. 3:12) scarecrows, and "tin dross" (Ez. 22:18) empty men. Whatever happened to the prophets, later happened to the nation at large. 1. Micah went "stripped and NAKED" "wailing like the" jackals (Micah 1:8). 2. Isaiah walked NAKED and barefoot three years (Isa. 20). 3. Hosea married a harlot (Gomer) typifying God's marriage to Israel (Khumri) (Hos. 1-4). 4. Jeremiah wore an oxen YOKE around his neck (Jer. 27) and remained childless and unmarried his whole life (Jer. 16:1-18). 5. Ezekiel lay on one side for 40 days and on the other for 390 while eating bread baked on dung (Ez. 4). He also shaved his head. Ezekiel was forbidden to mourn when his wife died (Ez. 24:19-24). Ahijah tore Jeroboam's cloak into twelve pieces (1 Ki. 11:30). These prophets all typified and foreshadowed NATIONAL CALAMITY.

The same may be true for the Wizard of Oz analogy. God may turn America into a broken incubator or LAND OF OZ with slaves or MUNCHKINS. He "will make ... (America?) a (Zodiac) sign and a proverb" (Ez. 14:8). Ezekiel was commanded to say, "I am your (astronomical) sign: LIKE AS I HAVE DONE, so shall IT BE DONE UNTO THEM: they shall remove and go into CAPTIVITY" (Ez. 12:11). SLAVES rather than FREE MEN. "Thus Ezekiel is unto you a (Zodiac) sign: according to all that he hath done SHALL YE DO" (Ez. 24:24). Don't become a SLAVE (accept a job) by SIGNING a CONTRACT (license) or SWEARING an OATH. Don't become a MUNCHKIN and trade your RIGHTS for PRIVILEGES -- working as an employee for a wizard or witch. This gives the police and courts of Elmirah Gulch the "RIGHT" to then harrass, delay, fine and arrest you because they now have a LICENSE to DISOBEY (violate) your rights (lasciviousness) (Eph. 4:19). The monkeys (police) are not there to protect your rights. They don't even recognize your rights. They insist you don't have any rights -- just privileges. Many times the monkeys (police) participate in violating your rights.

This movie accurately portrays the fact that everyone seems to know what everyone else is doing by means of crystal balls. The wizard and the witch and Glinda all have one. On a star chart it would be portrayed as the FULL MOON or SUN. What is it? The ministry continually used students to spy on other students by asking the student questions and recording the answers using a hidden tape recorder. (Closed- circuit cameras were also on the campus.) Then they preached a sermon against the one they disapproved of and thereby laid a "guilt trip" on the student. Tape recorders don't allow the victim to hang up. Also you don't know who you're (really) talking to and who's listening. Of course this is occultic and bondage of the worst kind. The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion, the monkeys and the witch are all seen using angry intimidation against others just as it was at A.C. What are the odds of this movie occurring by chance? We figure that there are, at the very least, TEN main parallels to reality contained in this movie. According to the laws of Probability, if each parallel has a one-in-five chance of occurring, then the odds against this happening by chance are 5X5X5X5X5X5X5X5X5X5 = 9,765,625 to 1.

Every chapter in the Book of Revelation is based on astronomy. Therefore we should expect to find Dorothy with her basket; Toto in Canis Minor; the Garland in Corona Borealis according to German astronomy; Leo is the Cowardly Lion; Auriga is the Chariot; Gemini is the Munchkins; Glinda is Cassiopeia inside her zodiac bubble; Capricorn is the Hot Air Balloon according to German astronomy; and one Ruby Slipper is in Andromeda (many red stars dot this constellation) according to the Chinese with a dragon on them to show that the "wicked will be ashes under the soles" of our feet (Mal. 4:3). The other is a red lunar crescent in Pisces. Dorothy showed Harold the ruby slippers she bought in California in late 1982. We have placed the sun and moon on the star chart to form a basket and pail in Virgo Dorothy's hand. This puts the crystal ball and hot air balloon above the Orion Wizard 111 degree days away. Dorothy met with HWA in 1981 and threw a pail of water on a senior evangelist in 1982. We have no confirmation on the exact date from the participants yet. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge (using sign language). They have no (verbal) speech, they use no (vocal) words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice (sign language) goes out into all the earth, their (picto-graphic) words to the ends of the world" (Ps. 19:1-4).

The same God who foretold what would happen to individual people in 1980-82 by using a movie script from 1939 -- over 40 years before it happened -- also foretold what would happen to entire nations throughout history using the Scriptural visions of Daniel from 602 B.C.-539 B.C. and Revelation from 96 A.D. -- in some cases over 1000 years or 2000 years before they actually happened. "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in (the astronomical) heaven" (Matt. 6:10).

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