The Lord Shall Reward the Evildoer According to His Wickedness
The Lord Rewarded Me According to My Righteousness

Second Samuel chapter 1-24 Star Chart: Clockwise from "on the third day" (72° hours) "a man ... with his clothes rent, and (solar) earth upon his head" (1:2) told David, "Saul and Jonathan ... are dead" (1:4) and "I ... slew him ... And I took the (solar) crown that was upon his head" (1:10) "And David said ... Thy (red radius) blood be upon thy head" (1:16) and had him (Argo) killed is 30°. Therefore David required instructors "to teach the (Gemini) children of Judah the use of the (lunar crescent) bow" (1:18). Clockwise from the (lunar) open mouth (red radius) crossed out -- "tell it not" (King Saul's death) -- "lest the (Gemini; Cassiopeia & Andromeda) daughters of the (lunar crescent) uncircumcised triumph" (1:20) till "The (lunar) bow of Jonathan turned not back" (1:22) is 102°. "Ye (Gemini; Cassiopeia & Andromeda) daughters of Israel weep over Saul who clothed you in (red radius) scarlet ... who put on ornaments of (solar) gold upon your apparel" (1:24) (+ 30°). One lap from 1051 BC when Saul was crowned gives us 1011 BC when David was crowned (360°/9° per year = 40 years). Saul reigned 40 years (1 Sam. 13:1; NET; Acts 13:21; Ant. 6:14:9) till 1011 BC.

Clockwise from enquiring of the Lord (lunar black & white stones) whether to go up to Hebron with his (Andromeda & Cassiopeia) two wives, he was told to "Go up" (2:1-2) till (Gemini) "men of Jabesh-gilead ... buried (Argo) Saul" (2:4) in a lunar grave is 102°. Clockwise from the "sons of Belial shall be all of them as (lunar) thorns thrust away" (23:6) and "the Lord shall reward the evildoer according to his wickedness" (3:39) in 2026 AD till we count backward 36,430 months or 101 laps plus 72° months more is 1011 BC when "the men of Judah (Auriga & Orion) ... (solar golden) anointed David king over the house of Judah" (2:4). ["David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years" (2 Sam. 5:4)]. Clockwise from when there "was a sore battle that day; and Abner was beaten ... before ... David" (2:17) "and the sun went (red radius) down when they were come to the (Milky Way) hill" (2:24) till "Joab (Pollux) blew a (lunar crescent shofar) trumpet" and Israel stopped fighting (2:28) was 30°. Israel lost 360, Judah 20. Asahel (Argo) was buried "in the (lunar cave) sepulcher of his father" (2:32).

Clockwise from when "unto David were (lunar) sons born" (3:2-5) to his (Andromeda; Cassiopeia) wives, till "Abner (was) very (solar hot) angry... and said (to Ishbosheth), Am I a (Canis Minor) dog's head" (3:8) is 102°. "And Abner sent (Gemini) messengers to (Cepheus) David" (3:12). "And David sent (Gemini) messengers to (Cepheus) Ishbosheth, Saul's son, saying, Deliver me my wife, Michal (Cassiopeia), whom I betrothed for an hundred (lunar) foreskins" (102°) (3:14). Also "Joab ...sent (Gemini) messengers after Abner, who brought him again from the (lunar black) well" (3:26) and murdered (Argo) Abner "under the fifth (lunar crescent) rib" (3:27). "And they (lunar grave) buried Abner" (3:32). Once again the (lunar) open mouth is (red radius) crossed out because David refused to eat food till sundown (3:35). "And all the (Gemini) people took notice of it, and it (lunar crescent smile) pleased them" (3:36).

When Ishbosheth heard, "his hands were (Andromeda shackles) feeble" (4:1). He had "two (Gemini) men who were captains of bands" (4:2) who "beheaded" Ishbosheth (4:7) and brought his (solar royal) head to David who "slew them" and buried the (Argo) head "in the (lunar dark) sepulcher of Abner (4:12). Mephibosheth "became (Andromeda shackles) lame" (4:4).

Then "all the (Orion; Perseus; Auriga) elders of Israel" "(solar) anointed (Cepheus) David king over Israel" (5:3). Clockwise from "except thou take away the (lunar eyeball crossed out) blind and the (Andromeda) lame, thou shalt not come in here" (5:6) till they climbed up "the (Milky Way) watershaft" to smite "the Jebusites" (5:8) is 102°. "Hiram, king of Tyre (Orion), sent (Gemini) messengers to (Cepheus) David, and (red radius) cedar trees, and carpenters, and masons; and they built David an house" (5:11). "And David took him more (Andromeda) concubines and (Cassiopeia) wives out of Jerusalem ... and there were yet (lunar basket) sons and daughters born to David" (5:13). Clockwise from when "the (Gemini) Philistines (lunar ear) heard that they had anointed David king" (5:17) till "David inquired of the Lord" (5:19) (using white & black lunar stones) whether to engage in battle is 258° till "David smote them" at Baal-perazim (5:20) is 72° more till "David and his men (lunar black ashes) burned" their images there (5:21) is 30° more. Then "David (white & black lunar stones) inquired of the Lord" (5:23) again and this time "when thou (lunar crescent) hearest the sound of (Gemini) marching in the tops of the (Canis Minor) Mulberry trees" (102° later) "then shall the (Solar Shekinah) Lord go out before thee, to smite the ... Philistines" (5:24) 330° later.

The "thirty thousand" "men of Israel" (6:1) and "three months" (6:11) both may symbolize the 30° from Orion to Gemini. The ark is Argo and the (solar) Shekinah Glory is between the (lunar) cherubim. The "cart" is Auriga and "Uzzah" is Orion (6:6-7). "Michal (Auriga) ... looked out of a (solar) window ... and saw King David (Orion) leaping and dancing before the (Shekinah Glory) Lord; and she despised him in her (lunar black) heart" (6:16) and called him shameless. "Therefore Michal (Andromeda) had no (lunar basket) child unto the day of her (Argo coffin) death" with cross on top (6:23).

David wanted to build God a (red radius) house to dwell in and instead God explained that He would build David a house forever and a kingdom forever (7:16) -- "a place of their own and move no more; neither shall the (Gemini; Orion; Perseus) children of wickedness afflict them anymore, as formerly" (7:10) -- the royal house of the British Empire.

Then "David (Orion) smote the Philistines" (8:1), "Moabites became David's (Gemini) servants, and brought (lunar) gifts" (8:2). "David took from" (Hadadezer) "a thousand chariots, and seven hundred horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen; and David hamstrung all the chariot horses" (8:4). But he saved enough for one hundred chariots -- 102° (8:4). Then "Syrians became (Gemini) servants to David, and brought gifts" (8:6). "And David took the shields of gold" and "took very much bronze" (8:7-8) and "vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and vessels of bronze" (8:10). "Edom became David's (Gemini) servants" (8:14).

Just as Cetus had a flapping tail rather than solid feet, and just as Andromeda wore shackles, so also the (Canis Minor) "dead dog" (9:8) Mephibosheth was "lame on both his feet" (9:13). He (Argo) "fell on his face" (9:6) before King David.

Hanun took David's (Gemini) servants, and shaved off one half of their (lunar crescent) beards, and cut off their (red radius) garments in the middle, even to their (lunar) buttocks, and sent them away" (10:4). "The (Gemini, Argo & Auriga) men were greatly (red radius) ashamed" (10:5). "David (Orion) slew ... seven hundred chariots" (10:18) meaning 72°.

"At eventide ... David arose from his (Argo) bed, and (Gemini) walked upon the roof of the king's house. And from the roof he saw a woman (Andromeda) washing herself" (11:2). "And David ... (Gemini) lay with her ... And the woman conceived" (11:4-5).

But the child (red radius) died (12:19). Then "David ... lay with her; and she (Andromeda) bore ... (lunar basket) Solomon" (12:24). David "took the king's (solar) crown from his head ... and it was set on (Orion) David's head" (12:30). David made the Ammonites "toil at the (solar) brickkiln" (12:31).

Amnon was (Argo) "lean from day to day" (13:4) and (Argo) "lay down, and pretended that he was sick" (13:6) and "Tamar (Cassiopeia) took the cakes which she had made, and brought them ... to Amnon" (13:10). He (Andromeda shackles) "forced her and lay with her" (13:14). "Then (Pollux) Amnon (lunar crescent) hated her" (Castor) and said "be gone" (13:15). "and (red radius) bolt the door after her" (13:17). "And she had a garment of several colors (red, white & green) upon her" (13:18). "Tamar put (lunar black) ashes on her head and (red radius) tore her garment" (13:19), but remained (red radius over lunar open mouth) silent (13:20). "King David ... was very (solar hot) angry" (13:21). But "the servants of Absalom" actually killed Amnon (13:29). Then "Absalom fled" "to Geshur and was there three years" (13:38) (30°).

Joab told a woman (Andromeda) to "put on ... (black) mourning apparel" (14:2). She told (Cepheus) King David about "two (Gemini) sons" who "strove" and one (Argo) "slew" the other. She asked him to pardon her living son so that they won't "quench my (black lunar) coal which is left" (14:7) and he did. Therefore "fetch home again ... banished" (14:13) Absalom. So King David brought him home again. "Joab fell ... on his (Argo) face ... and thanked the king" (14:22). The (Orion) "crown of his head" was apparently (solar) red-blonde hair (14:25-26). After asking Joab (red radius) twice to come, Absalom (Orion) set Joab's barley on (solar) fire (14:29-30). Then Joab came and Absalom was invited to see the king and bowed "on his (Argo) face to the ground" (14:33).

"Absalom rose up early and stood beside the way of the (solar) gate" (15:2) and sympathized with all visitors "so Absalom stole the (lunar) hearts of the (Gemini) men of Israel" (15:6). He had the (solar) golden heart of their affection. They carried back the (Argo) ark into the city (15:25).

(Aries) "Asses saddled" with "(solar) bread ... (lunar black) raisins ... (lunar) fruits and a (lunar) skin of wine" (16:1). Shimei was a (Canis Minor) "dead dog" (16:9). So "they spread Absalom a (red radius) tent upon the top of the house" and he had sex with his "father's (Cassiopeia; Andromeda) concubines" (16:22).

Ahithophel "saddled his (Aries) ass ... and (red radius) hanged himself, (Auriga) and (Argo) died and was buried in the (lunar dark) sepulcher of his father" (17:23). Shobi brought (Argo) "beds, and (lunar) basins, and (solar) earthen vessels, and wheat, and barley, and flour, and parched grain, and beans, and lentils, and parched pulse, And (solar) honey, and (solar) butter, and (Aries) sheep, and (solar) cheese of (Taurus) cows for David and for the people who were with him" (17:27-29).

"Absalom rode upon a mule (Aries), and the mule went under the (Milky Way) thick boughs of a great oak, and his (solar blonde hair) head caught firmly in the oak; and he was (Auriga) suspended between the heaven and the earth" (18:9). The "ten shekels" correspond to 102°; and then Joab "took three (red radius) staves in his hand and thrust them through the heart of Absalom" (18:14), "and cast him into a great (lunar) pit" (18:17).

"Then the king arose, and (Auriga) sat in the (solar) gate" (19:8).

The "ten women concubines" correspond to 102° (20:3). Notice they were (lunar door closed) "shut up". Joab "smote" Amasa "in the fifth (lunar crescent) rib" (20:10). A "woman (Andromeda) said unto Joab, Behold his (lunar) head shall shall be thrown to thee over the wall" (20:21).

Then "seven" of Saul's sons were hanged (21:6): Auriga, Orion, Pollux, Castor, two lunar heads and one solar head.

"The Lord is my (lunar) rock, and my fortress ... my (solar) shield ... the (lunar crescent) horn of my salvation, my (red radius) high tower, and my (lunar cave) refuge, my savior" (22:3). "Thou art my (solar) lamp" (22:29). "He ... sets me upon my (constellation) high places" (22:34).

"And three of the thirty" mighty men "came to David ... unto the (lunar black) cave" and David wanted water from the (lunar black) "well of Bethlehem" so they "broke through the host of the Philistines and drew water" (23:13-16). "Abishai lifted up his spear against three hundred" (23:18) meaning 30°. The "thirty" also mean 30° .

"Shall seven years of famine come unto thee in thy land? (72°) Or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies, while they pursue thee? (30°) Or wilt thou that there be three days' pestilence in thy land?" (30° or 72°) (24:13) "Seventy thousand men" died of pestilence" (24:15) meaning 72° , probably in 72 hours (24 x 3 = 72).

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