"Make Us A King" in 1051 BC

First Samuel chapters 1-16 Star Chart: Clockwise from (Auriga) Elkanah's "two (Gemini) wives" (1:2) till "they slew a (Taurus) bullock" (1:25) is 300° or "three bullocks" (1:24) or "thirty thousand footmen" (4:10). Even 50,070 men (6:19) are divisible by three. From "my (Pollux)(lunar crescent) horn is exalted in the Lord; my (lunar) mouth is enlarged over mine enemies" (2:1) till "they (Perseus) that stumbled are girded with strength" (2:4) is again 300° till "by him actions are (red radius balance) weighed" (2:3) and "the (lunar) bows of the mighty (Gemini & Perseus) men are broken" (2:4). "The Lord shall ... exalt the (lunar crescent) horn of his anointed" (2:10). "A fleshhook of three teeth" (2:13) refers to three (red radius) (lunar crescent hook) lines that are 30° apart corresponding to Hannah's "three sons" (2:21) or six children total (60°) including Samuel and her "two daughters" (2:21). One hook has caught a chunk of solar meat. Notice that Auriga and Gemini "kick" "my (solar) sacrifice" (2:29). Notice that the red radius lines also represent "the door of the tabernacle of the congregation" where the (Gemini) "women ... assembled" (2:22). "Them who honor me I will honor, and they who despise me shall be lightly esteemed" (2:30). "Both the (lunar) ears of everyone that heareth it shall tingle" (3:11). "The (Argo) ark of God was taken; and the two (Gemini) sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, were (red radius) slain" (4:11). Notice the "five (solar) golden tumors and five (solar) golden mice" (6:4) are just four laps beginning at Orion. This is also indicated by "two milk cows" each with a calf, making four Taurus cows total or four laps. Then "the (Gemini & Auriga) elders of Israel" said to (Orion) Samuel "thy (Gemini) sons walk not in thy ways; now make us a (solar golden crown) king" (8:5) in 1051 BC. But Samuel protested that the king would "take" "your (Gemini) sons" "for his (Auriga) chariots" "to make (lunar crescent) instruments of war" and "your (Gemini) daughters" "your (red radius) fields" "your (Aries) asses" and "your (Aries) sheep" (8:10-17) but God will not (lunar ear) hear when you are thus oppressed (8:18). "Then Samuel (Orion) took a vial of (solar) oil, and poured it upon his (Saul's) head" (10:1) in 1051 BC. Saul was 30 years old when he became king (1 Sam. 13:1) and he reigned 40 years (NET; Acts 13:21; Ant. 6:14:9) till 1011 BC when he died. One lap from 1051 BC when Saul was crowned gives us 1011 BC when David was crowned (360°/9° per year = 40 years). "Thou shalt find two (Gemini) men by Rachel's (Argo) sepulchre" (10:2) ... three men ... one (Auriga) carrying three kids, and another (Orion) carrying three (solar) loaves of bread, and another carrying a (lunar) skin of wine" (10:3) and "a company of (Gemini) prophets ... with a (lunar bagpipe) psaltery ... timbrel ... (red radius) flute, and a harp" (10:5). These are zodiac "signs" (10:7). Then Saul "took a (lunar) yoke of (Taurus) oxen and hewed them in (red radius) pieces" (11:7). Notice that "the children of Israel were three hundred thousand (300°) and the men of Judah thirty thousand" (300°). Saul put the people in "three (red radius) companies" (11:11) and defeated the Ammonites. Samuel asked, "Of whose hand have I received any (solar golden) bribe to blind mine (Orion) eyes?" (12:3). Notice "three thousand men of Israel" (13:2) (300°) and "thirty thousand chariots" (13:5) (300°) of the Philistines. Also "six thousand horsemen" (13:5) and "six hundred men" (13:15) both refer to 60°. The "three (Philistine) companies" correspond to the three red radius lines (13:17). The "caves" and "pits" (13:6) and "holes" (14:11) are the black moons. But Israelites "eat with the (red radius) blood" (14:34). Saul "spared Agag, and the best of the (Aries) sheep, and of the (Taurus) oxen" (15:9). Then "Samuel (Orion) hewed Agag (Auriga) in (red radius) pieces" (15:33). Auriga David "was ruddy" (16:12). Then Samuel (Orion) "took the (solar) horn of oil, and anointed him" (16:13).

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