"Wise Men Lay Up Knowledge"

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"As we see the industrious and prudent bee light on every fragrant blossom, and suck what is useful from it, so it becomes the true lovers of learning to be ignorant of nothing that is profitable, but gather goodness and discretion from all writers." (Isocrates ad Demon. c.5 436-338 BC)

Socrates asked, "Why do you care so much about laying up the greatest amount of money and honour and reputation, and so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul?" "All our interests and pursuits assume the character, some of body, some of mind. Accordingly, beauty of person, great wealth, bodily strength too, and other advantages of this class, speedily decay; but the glorious achievements of the intellect are ... immortal. In fact, of all physical ... advantages, there comes an end as well as a beginning. All that culminates declines: the maturity of all things sinks into decay. The mind, imperishable and immortal, moves and sways all, and is not itself in subjection." (Sallust Jugurth. 2)

"That man ought to be confident ... who, during his life, has disregarded all the pleasures and ornaments of the body as foreign to his nature, and has zealously applied himself to the acquirement of knowledge, and who, having adorned his soul with its own proper ornament, temperance, justice, fortitude, freedom, and truth, thus waits ... whenever destiny shall summon him." (Plato Phaedo 63)

Treat time as a valuable commodity and don't waste it. Books are condensed time. "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for." -- Socrates

"Words that are spoken in your hearing (public speaking) impress your mind less powerfully than words seen on a page (books)." -- Horace (i.e. Book store is better than university.)

"The man of knowledge lives eternally after his death, while his members are reduced to dust beneath the tomb: but the ignorant man is dead even while he walks upon the earth; he is numbered with living men, and yet existeth not." (Arab proverb)

"Books -- These are the masters who instruct us without rods and ferules, without hard words and anger, without clothes and money. If you approach them, they are not asleep; if investigating you interrogate them, they conceal nothing; if you mistake them, they never grumble; if you are ignorant, they cannot laugh at you. The library, therefore, of wisdom is more precious than all riches, and nothing that can be wished for is worthy to be compared with it. Whosoever therefore acknowledges himself to be a zealous follower of truth, of happiness, of wisdom, of science, or even of the faith, must of necessity make himself a lover of books." (Written by Richard deBury in 1344, more than 100 years before the invention of printing)

1.) Hebrew Language

The Poetry Of Our Lord by C. F. Burney, 1925, 182pp.

Formal Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry; Use of Parallelism By Our Lord; Use of Rhythm By Our Lord; Use of Rhyme By Our Lord.

Affinity Between Hebrew and Celtic by Thomas Stratton, 1872, 59pp.

A Comparison between Hebrew and Gaelic. Many words listed alphabetically, beginning with Aleph and ending at Tov.

Hebrew and English - Some Likenesses by J. Courtenay James, no Copyright, 134pp.

Present Thesis; Origin of the Hebrews; Language of the Hebrews; Hebrew and British Law; Hebrew and Anglo-Saxon; Language and Custom; The Semitic Mind; Some Comparisons; Like Words and Meanings; Psycho-Linguistic Factors; Concrete and Abstract; Thought- And Sentence-Form; Hebrew and Saxon Prosody; Aramaic-Punic-Runic; Extent of English; Survival and Triumph.

Comparative Vocabulary Of Forty-Eight Languages by J. Tomlin, 1865, 55pp. letter size

The object of this work is to find out which languages are most closely related to Hebrew by a simple comparison of 146 common words in each language. Each language is then given a score. Other than Arabic and Syriac, which are not surprisingly very close to Hebrew, the next closest language is Saxon, then English and then Gothic.

English Derived From Hebrew by R. Govett, 1869, 135pp.

Beasts, Birds, Fish, Insects; Trees, Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits; Dwellings of Men; Great Objects of Nature; Members of the Body; Kinds of Men; Dress, Phrases; The Arts; Metals; Numerals; Geography; Grammar; Mythology; Prolific Roots; Difficulties Solved; Crucial Instances; Confusion; English Equivalents of Hebrew Letters; Omitted Radicals; Transpositions; N. Internal; R. Internal; S. Initial; Interchange of L and R; N. Initial; Change of S into T; The Digamma; Change of ZH into T; Hebrew Equivalents of English Letters; Miscellaneous.

2.) Heathenism

Worship of the Dead by Colonel Garnier, 1904, 422pp.

Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop

Babylon Mystery Religion by Ralph Woodrow

Catholicism Against Itself by Lambert

Satan's Great Deception by C. Paul Meredith, 1953, 46pp.

Paganism Resembled Truth; "Christian" Church Attitude; Pagan Similarities; How It All Began; Satan Retains Rule By Deceiving; Mankind Deceived; Opportunity of Salvation Revealed To Adam and Eve; Nimrod Starts Apostasy After Flood; Cush and Nimrod Build First City -- Babylon; Nimrod Becomes Priest of Serpent-Sun Worshippers; World Cheated Out of Real Happiness; Confusion of Tongues; Apostasy Spreads; Shem Slays Nimrod; Semiramis Expands Apostasy; Semiramis Initiates the System; Nimrod and Semiramis Become Gods; The False Messiah; Nimrod Worship Widespread Under Other Names; Characteristics of the Babylonian System; Pagan Ideas in Today's World; Devil-Worship Reaches Rome; "St. John's Day In Britain; What About Christmas Observance?; And the Christmas Tree?; Origin of Easter Observance; The Counterfeit Cross; Sunday Enters Early Church; Vain Repetition of Prayers; St. Valentine's Heart; Extreme Unction A Counterfeit of Salvation; Relic Worship of Pagan Origin; Pagan Rites Masquerade As Christian; Much more.

How Did It Begin? by R. Brasch, 1965, 352pp.

Spilling Salt. Unlucky 13. Black Cat. Rabbit's Foot. Valentine Card. Wedding Ring. Shaking Hands. Pork Forbidden. Lipstick. Witch's Broom. Playing Cards. Dice. Covering Head in Synagogue. Halo. Cross. Star of David. Christmas Tree. Hot Cross Buns. Easter Egg. Easter Bunny. "Amen." Much more.

The Truth About MASONRY by Jack R. Elliott, 1961, 44pp.

Is it Christian or pagan? What is the source of Masonic symbols? Solomon's Temple versus the Masonic Temple. "Worshipful Master"? Hiram Abiff and the History of Masonry.

3.) Health

The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair

The Fast Way To Health by Dr. Frank McCoy, 1926, 333pp.

Disease and Its Causes; The Fast Way; Common Disorders and their Treatment; Foods, Bathing, Exercise. Much more.

The Bible and Modern Medicine by Jacob Glenn, M.D., 1953, 222pp.

Dietary Laws. Fat. Blood. Alcohol. Clean and Unclean Animals. Preventive Medicine. Cleanliness. Purity. The Sabbath. Shehitah. Some Important Diseases. Leprosy. Heart Disease. Cancer. Obesity. Malaria. Tuberculosis. Diabetes. Vitamins. Psychology. Sex and Marriage. Circumcision. Abortion. Gonorrhea. Syphilis. Morality and Health.

The Bible and Modern Medicine by A. Rendle Short M.D., 1953, 144pp.

Medical Ideas in Primitive Times. Priests and Physicians. The Sanitary Code. Diseases of the Bible. Treatments. Leprosy. Medical Folklore in the Bible. Luke the Physician. Physical Cause of the Death of Christ. Miracles of Healing. Demon Possession. Faith Healing. The Biblical Conception of Sickness.

4.) Sabbath

Rest Days by Hutton Webster, 1916, 325pp.

Tabooed Days At Critical Epochs; Tabooed Days After A Death and On Related Occassions; Holy Days; Market Days; Lunar Superstitions and Festivals; Lunar Calendars and the Week; The Babylonian "Evil Days" and the Shabattum; The Hebrew Sabbath; Unlucky Days; Conclusion.

5.) Bible

The Preparation For the Gospel by Eusebius, 753 pp.

All About The Bible by Sidney Collett, no Copyright, 328pp.

Its Origin; Its language; Its Translation; Its Canon; Its Symbols; Its Inspiration; Its Alleged Errors and Contradictions; Its Plan; Its Science; Its Rivals.

Difficulties in the Bible by R.A. Torrey, 1907, 128pp.

Difficulties That Arise From the Text; From Inaccurate Translations; False Interpretations; Lack of Knowledge; Is the First Chapter of Genesis Historical and Scientific?; Antiquity of Man According to Bible and Science; Where Did Cain Get His Wife?; Jehovah Commanded Abraham to Offer Isaac as a Burnt Offering; God Hardening Pharaoh's Heart; God's Command To Slaughter Canaanites; Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still; Deborah Praising Jael the Murderer; Sacrifice of Jephthah's Daughter; "Impure" Bible Stories; David's Sin; The Imprecatory Psalms; Does the God of Truth and Love Send Lying Spirits and Evil Spirits To Men?; Jonah and the Whale; Some Important "Contradictions" in the Bible; "Mistakes" in the Bible; The Two Geneologies of Jesus; Was Jesus Really Three Days and Nights in the Grave?; How Could Jesus Commend the Actions of the Unrighteous Steward?; Were Jesus and Paul Mistaken as to the Time of Our Lord's Return?; Did Jesus Preach to Spirits in Prison? .

Many Infallible Proofs by Arthur T. Pierson, 1886, 322pp.

Weighing the Proofs; Prophecy; Miracles; Daniel -- Historian or Prophet?; The Gospels Vindicated; Astronomical Discoveries; God's Credentials; Bible Needs No Patronage; Geological Support; Solomon's Accuracy; Ethnological Researches; Modern Discoveries; The Marks of Divine Origin; Its Unity; The Hidden Hand; Nineveh's Testimony; Practical Effect of the Bible; Christ in the Old Testament; The Pivot of World's History; Much more.

The Story and Message of Our Bible by M. Cooke, 1930, 118pp.

Illustrated. A Library; The Divine Author; Its Writers; Bible Manuscripts; Bible Versions; The Bible In Britain; The Printed Bible; Custodians and Distributors; The Human Race; A Particular Race; An Enduring Dynasty; Great Prosperity; Pioneers; Light Bearers. More.

The Incomparable Book by Newman Watts, 1946, 214pp.

The Book of Human Interest. Of Literary Grandeur. Of Sublime Influence. Of Perfect Unity. Of Amazing Accuracy. The Book of Amazing Accuracy in Science, in History, in Prophecy. Further Proofs. The Book of Remarkable Experience. The Book of Modern Challenge.

6.) Astronomy & Calendar

Patterns in the Sky by Julius D. W. Staal, 1988, 300 pp.

Celestial Cycles and the 'Seven Times' of Prophecy by C.F. Parker, 1951, 36pp.

Prophetic Time Measures; Astronomical Foundations Of Bible Time-Measures; Soli-Lunar Cycles; Cycles of Still Higher Accuracy; Hosea's Third Day.

The Chronology of Ezra 7 by Siegfried H. Horn and Lynn Wood, 1953, 192pp.

Many charts. Different Dating Systems. Ancient Civil Calendars. Pre-Exilic Hebrew Calendar. Post-exilic Jewish Calendar. Chronology of Ezra 7. Summary of the Findings. Much more.

7.) Courtesy

Handbook of Christian Etiquette by Riley, 1945, 186pp.

Many diagrams. On the Street and in Public. The Table. Carving. The Living Room. Conversation. Personality and Charm. Friendships. Dating -- Courtships - Engagements. Showers and Afternoon Teas. Weddings. Marriage. The Home.

8.) Classics

The Bible and the Classics by William Meade, 1861, 558pp.

The Testimony of the Heathen to the Truths of Holy Writ by Thomas Millington, 1863, 463pp.

Diodorus Siculus
Clement of Alexandria

9.) Music

Psalms of David in metre approved by the Church of Scotland 1650

9.) Jewish Law and Teaching

A Rabbinic Anthology by C. G. Montefiore and H. Lowe, 1938, 853 pp.

Wise sayings on many subjects, some of which found their way into the New Testament: Nature of God; Nature of Man; The Law; Study; The Sabbath; Atonement; Mercy; Idolatry; Martyrdom; Motive; Repentace; Hope; Faith; Miracles; Prayer; Hon- esty; Charity; Industry; Independence; Poverty; Riches; Courtesy and Good Manners; Forgiveness; Love; Humility; Pride; Father; Mother; Wife; Children; Asceticism; Peace; Next Life; Sufferings; Gentiles; Proselytes; Resurrection; Judgment; much more also.

The Talmudic Anthology by L. Newman & Samuel Spitz, 1947, 570pp.

Wise parables and proverbs on many subjects, some of which found their way into the New Testament: Asceticism; Adultery; After-life; Angels; Anger; Animals; Argumentation; Astrology; Atonement; Beauty; Biblical Criticism; Blessings; Borrowing; Brothers; Business; Charity; Charm; Cheating; Children; Christianity; Conduct and Manners; etcetera all through the alphabet of subjects.

The Parables & Similes Of The Rabbis by A Feldman, 1924, 290pp.

The Field and its Cultivation; The Garden; Trees; Viticulture; The Fig; The Olive; The Palm; The Nut Tree; The Thorn and the Reed; The Lily; The Myrtle; Pastoral; Summary; Index.

The Gospel Parables In Light Of Their Jewish Background by W.O.E. Oesterley, 1936, 245pp.

The Sower; Wheat and Tares; Automatic Action of the Soil; Mustard Seed; Leaven; Hidden Treasure; Pearl of Great Price; Draw-net; Unforgiving Debtor; Laborers in the Vineyard; Two Sons; Wicked Husbandmen; Wedding Feast; Ten Virgins; Talents; Sheep and Goats; Good Samaritan; Rich Fool; Lost Sheep; Lost Piece of Money; Prodigal Son; Unrighteous Steward; Dives and Lazarus; Minor Parables.

Jewish Hermeneutics in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts by Jan Doeve, 1918?, 232pp.

Using Rabbinic Judaism to Study New Testament; Jewish Interpretation of New Testament; Two Midrashim Relating to the Resurrection of Christ in Acts; Much more.

The Pharisees and the Gospels by Solomon Zeitlin, 1938, 55pp.

The Sermon on the Mount; The Halakah; "Pharisees Hypocrites;" The Gospel According To John.

The Mishnah as Illustrating the Gospels by William H. Bennett, 1884, 116pp.

The Mishna and the Gospels as based on Oral Tradition; The Mishna as Illustrating the Gospels Generally; The Pharisees; The Sabbath; The Status of Women; Ethics and Doctrine; Vows; The Poor; Relation of the Mishna and Gospels to the Old Testament; Subsequent History.

Studies in Pharisaism and the Gospels by Israel Abrahams, 1917 &1924 (2 vol.s), 178pp. & 226pp.

Volume One: Freedom of the Synagogue; Greatest Commandment; John the Baptist; Pharisaic Baptism; The Dove and the Voice; Leaven; Publicans and Sinners; Give unto Caesar; First Century Divorce; Widows' Houses; Cleansing of the Temple; The Parables; Disease and Miracle; Poverty and Wealth; Children; Fasting; Sabbath; Messiah; God's Forgiveness; Man's Forgiveness; Resurrection. Volume Two: "Thou Hast Said"; The Yoke; Light of the World; Confession of Faith; High Priest's Confession; Whited Sepulchres; Good Samaritan; Second Death; Tabernacles; Persecutions; Rabbinic Ideas on Prayer; Lord's Prayer; Pharisaic Delicacies; Cessation of Prophecy; Tannaite Tradition and the Trial Narratives; Imitation of God; Miscellaneous Notes.

Rabbinic Literature and Gospel Teaching by C. G. Montefiore, 1930, 442pp.

Parallels to the religious and etthical teaching of the Gospels which can be gathered from the Rabbinical literature. Strack and Billerbeck's excellent source quoted extensively. Covers Matthew and Luke with several appendices.

Studies in the Mosaic Institutions by W. G. Moorehead, 1895, 246pp.

The Gospel in the Old Tesytament; The Tabernacle of the Wilderness; The Priesthood; The Sacrifices Offered at the Brazen Altar; The Day of Atonement; The Sacred Feasts..

Humour and Irony in the New Testament by Jakob Jonsson, 1965, 299pp.

Religious Humour. Greek and Roman Humour. The Old Testament. Talmud and Midrash. Synoptic Gospels. Jesus' Humour. Gospel of John. Acts. Paul the Apostle. Other Writings of the New Testament. All Illuminated by Parallels in Talmud and Midrash.

From Jesus to Paul by Joseph Klausner, 1943, 624pp.

Jesus and Christianity. Religious Syncretism. Hellenistic Jewish Thought. Jewish Christianity and Gentile Christianity. The Teaching of Paul. Abrogating Torah and Ceremonial Laws. Much more.

10.) Archaeology

The Bible and the British Museum, by Ada R. Habershon, 1909, 152pp.

Pictures. The Roman Gallery; The Ephesus Room; The Elgin Gallery; The Hittite Section; The Nimroud Central Saloon; The Assyrian Saloon; The Nineveh Gallery; The Egyptian Rooms; Babylonian and Assyrian Room; Early Christian Antiquities; Phoenician Remains; Egyptian Gallery; How We Got Our Bible; Church History; Conclusion.

The British Museum With Bible In Hand by F.G. Jannaway, 1922, 92pp.

Includes many illustrations; Roman Gallery; Assyrian Transept; Ephesus Room; Elgin Room; Nineveh Gallery; Nimroud Central Saloon; Assyrian Saloon; Nimroud Gallery; Southern Egyptian Gallery; Egyptian Central Saloon; Northern Egyptian Gallery; Egyptian Rooms (1-6), Greek and Roman Life Room; Gold Ornaments and Gems Room; Manuscript Room; Room of Inscriptions; Index.

Monumental Facts v. Historical Fictions by Henry Marchant, 1909, 82pp.

Classics Unreliable; Monumental Evidence; Who Were the Ghomri?; Did Gomer Come Down?; Where, and Why, Ghomri Went Up?; Shomeron, Samaria, Kimmeria; From Gozan to Cappadocia; Yasubi-Galleans; The Median Kings; Kastarita of Kar-Kassi, the Original Kyaxares; Esarhaddon and Te-uspa; Occupation of the Crimea by the Kimmeri; The Twelve Patriarchs of the Kimmerians; The Scythian Invasion of Asia; The Umman-Manda; Destruction of Assyria; Huvackshatara and "the Good Kingdom"; Cyrus the Hebrew; Teispes; The Hakhamani; Sennacherib's 200,150 Captives; Zoroaster; The Lion and Unicorn; From Medo-Persia to the British Isles; Kimmeria of Homer; Kemarim; What Startled Sayce; Cyrus and Darius.

Monumental Facts and Higher Critical Fancies by A.H. Sayce, 1927, 128pp.

Historical Evidence; Antiquity of Literature; Dissection of the Pentateuch; The Fourteenth Chapter of Genesis and the Trustworthiness of Old Testament History; The Laws of Amraphel and the Mosaic Code; The Geography of the Pentateuch; Hebrew and Babylonian Cosmology; The Doctrine of Religious Evolution.

Wonders and Treasures of the Past Unearthed by D. Woods, 1945, 102pp.

Photos; Proofs of the Great Flood; Abraham's Home -- Ur of the Chaldees; Prophecies against Babylon; Gold Treasures Found; Abraham and Lot in Palestine; Abraham Rescues Lot -- What the Tablets Say; Melchizedek and the Tel-EI-Amarna Tablets; Site of Destruction of Sodom; Ancient Gaza Discovered; Abraham Purchases Cave of Machpelah.

Oriental Records, Monumental, Confirmatory of the O.T. Scriptures by W.H. Rule, 1877, 247pp.

Illustrated; Creation; Antediluvians; Deluge; Tower of Babel; Four Cities of Nimrod; Ur of the Chaldees and Haran; Sodom and Gomorrah; Egypt - Joseph, Seven years' Famine, Bondage and Exodus; Wilderness of Wandering; Joshua; Gezer; Solomon and Queen of Sheba; Tadmor in the Wilderness; Shishak, King of Egypt; Solomon's Folly; Mesha, King of Moab; Syria, Shalmaneser, Benhadad, Hazael; Assyria's Conquest of Samaria and Judea; Army of Sennacherib Smitten; Repen- tance of Ninevites; Nebuchadnezzar's Madness; Golden Image and Plain of Dura; Fiery Furnace and Den of Lions; Much more.

Side Notes On The Bible From Flinders Petrie's Discoveries, 1933, 49pp.

Photos; "Horsemen set themselves in array at the gate" (Isa. 22:7); "Every shepherd is an abomination unto the Egyptians" (Gen. 46:34); "Achan ... and all that he had" (Josh. 7:24); "Abimelech ... looked out at a window" (Gen.26:8); "Pharaoh's Cup was in my hand" (Gen. 40:11); "And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities" (Ex. 1:11); "When Israel came out of Egypt" (Ps. 114:1); "Lest the Hebrews make themselves swords or spears" (1 Sam. 13:19); "Upon every high tower and upon every fenced wall" (Isa. 2:15); "The ear-rings of his prey"; "All the lords of the Philistines" (Judges 8:24); much more.

The Common Background Of Greek And Hebrew Civilizations by Cyrus H. Gordon, 1965, 319pp.

Includes many illustrations; Introduction; Channels of Transmission; The Cuneiform World; Egypt; Ugarit: Link Between Canaan and the Aegean; The Minoan Tablets From Crete; Further Observations on Homer; Further Observations on the Bible; Bibliography; Index.

Bible and Spade by Stephen Caiger, 1936, 218pp.

Illustrated. The Hebrew script of Moses; Creation, Eden, Flood, and Babel; Abraham, Ur, Hyksos, Melchizedek; Amorites, idols and human sacrifice; Joseph, famine, new king, Pithom and Raamses, Pharaoh's daughter, bricks without straw; Pharaoh of the Exodus, Was Sinai a volcano?; Did Moses copy the Code of Hammurabi?; Walls of Jericho, Hittites; Tale of two brothers; Asher on the inscriptions, Shishak inscriptions, Omri, Moabite Stone; Black Obelisk, Fall of Samaria; Siloam Inscription, Taylor Prism; Fall of Jerusalem; Egyptian literature and the Old Testament; Cylinder of Cyrus. Much more.

Genesis Vindicated by George McCready Price, 1941, 313pp.

How a new animal is made; Species Old and New; The Ancient Records; The Case Against Evolutionary Ages; Was there an Ice Age?; The Timeliness of the Sabbath; Much more.

Crying Stones by Harry Rimmer, 1941, 202pp.

The Need For Crying Stones; The Battle of the Centuries; The Living Past; The Importance of Ancient Records: The Didache; The Oldest New Testament Texts; The Form of Sound Words; The Greeks Had A Word For It.

Modern Science and the Genesis Record by Harry Rimmer, 1937, 292pp.

Prologue to Genesis; Modern Science and the First Day of Creation; Moses and Meteorology; Doxology of the Deep; Geology and the Rock of Ages; Botany and the Rose of Sharon; Astronomy and the Bright and Morning Star; The Rapidly Multiplying Creatures; The hum of Wings; Zoology and the Lamb of God; The Creation of Adam.

The Harmony of Science and Scripture by Harry Rimmer, 1936, 283pp.

Ancient Wisdom or Revelation?; Modern Science in An Ancient Book; Jonah and the Whale; The Ark of Noah; The Deluge; Long Day of Joshua.

Dead Men Tell Tales by Harry Rimmer, 1939, 352pp.

Converging Streams of Revelation and History; Modern Science and the Ten Plagues of Egypt; The Rebirth of an Empire; Resurrection of Edom; Brazen Shields of Rehoboam; Vindication of Daniel.

The Accuracy of the Bible by A.S. Yahuda, 1935, 226pp.

Joseph and Exodus Narratives -- Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence; Joseph's Golden Neck Chain; The Functions of A Vizier; The Coat of Many Colors; Joseph and the Hyksos; Abomination of the Shepherds; Finding Moses and Finding Sargon; Egyptian Darkness; The Firstborn; Aaron's Rod; Date of the Exodus; Israel Stela of Merneptah; The Location of Eden; The Four Rivers; The Serpent and the Woman; Gilgamesh Flood Epic; Tower of Babel. Much more.

The Geological Ages Hoax by George McCready Price, 1931, 126pp.

Problem of Geology; Some Proofs of Recent Land Submergence; Lessons From Some Prehistoric Monsters; Which Are The Oldest Fossils?; Missing Ages; Skipping Many Ages; Reversing the Ages; Some Ice-Age Nonsense; Some Objections Answered.

The Modern Flood Theory of Geology by George McCready Price, 1935, 118pp.

The Problem of the Fossils; Brief History of the Flood Theory; Outline Argument Against the Index Fossils; Earth's Ancient Climate; Giants of the Prime; Telltale Facts About the Fossils; What is Truth? .

Back To The Bible by George McCready Price, 1920, 235pp.

Geology and the Deluge; The Origin of Evil; Occidental Heathenism; Much more.

Modern Discoveries Which Help Us to Believe by George McCready Price, 1934, 209pp.

When the World Was Young; Creation The Only Reasonable Theory; Criticizing the Critics; The Bible and Modern Progress; Alleged Warfare Between Science and Religion; Cleaning Up The Anthropoids; Atoms, Electrons and God; The Background of Darwinism; Why Children Resemble Their Grandparents; Credentials From Heaven; Writing World History in Advance; Much More.

Higher Criticism and the Verdict of the Monuments by A.H. Sayce, 1894, 575pp.

Higher Criticism and Oriental Archaeology; Antiquity of Oriental Literature; Babylonian Element in Book of Genesis; Canaanite and Egyptian Elements in Book of Genesis; Egyptian Tutelage of Israel; Development of Israelite Nation; Geography and Language; Moabite Stone and Inscriptions of Siloam; Assyrian Testimony to Old Testament; Later Historical Books of Old Testament; Books of Daniel and Ezra; Conclusion.

The Stones Cry Out by T. W. Fawthrop, 1937, 338pp.

Illustrated. Pre-Historic Man, Creation, Flood, Lost Languages, Abraham, Hittites, Ur, Ras Shamra: Pharaoh's Store Cities, Apis Bull, Mount Sinai, Petra; Layard, Monuments of Shalmaneser II, Hezekiah's Deliverance From Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar; Biblical Sites; The Sacred Scriptures; St. Paul and Rome; Worship of Diana; Much more.

The Bible Comes Alive by Charles Marston, 1939, 334pp.

Archaeological Evidence For the Period From the Creation to Abraham; Who Were the Hyksos and the Habiru?; Kish, Ur and Gaza; Moses background in Egyptian History; Babylonian Sabbath; Ras Shamra; Pre-Mosaic Elements in the Mosaic dispensations; Fall of Jericho; Confirmation from Tel el Amarna Tablets; Capture of Lachish by Joshua; Connection Between Sinai and Phoenician Alphabets; Much more.

The Relations Between the Laws of Babylonia and the Laws of the Hebrew People by C.H.W. Johns, M.A., Litt. D.,1914, 112pp.

Rare book .

Biblical Customs And The Nuzu Tablets by Cyrus H. Gordon, 13pp.

The Patriarchal Age; Parallels To Other Biblical Laws and Customs; Hebrews and Horites.

The New Knowledge About The Old Testament by Sir Charles Marston, 1933, 182pp.

Illustrated. Geography; Sources of Information; The First Religion and the Flood; Ur of the Chaldees -- Haran -- Gaza; Who Were the Phoenicians?; Who Were the Hyksos?; Hazor, Ai, Jericho; The Walls; Jericho's Interior; Date of the Exodus; Moses; Sinai; Mosaic Legislation; Tel El Amarna; The Enigma of Judges.

11.) Fulfilled Prophecy

Light From Patmos by Augusta Cook, 1937, 298pp.

The Apocalypse simply and concisely explained with 54 illustrations.

Israel in the Book of Revelation by L.G.A. Roberts, 1911, 231pp.

A commentary on the Book of Revelation to chapter 11 from a British-Israel perspective including Palestine to Britain.

The Inspiration of the Old Testament by Alfred Cave, 1888, 449pp.

Traditons of a Flood in Many Countries; Traditions of Adam and Eve, Tree of Life, the Serpent, the Fall and Longevity in Other Countries; Mosaic Authorship; Fall of Babylon Predicted; Predictions Concerning Captivity of Ephraim, Judah, Return From Exile, the Four Empires, Nineveh, Tyre, Edom, Philistia, Moab, Ammon, Elam, Egypt; Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled in Jesus; Much more.

The Wonders Of Prophecy by John Urquhart, 1925, 241pp.

Predictions Regarding Tyre and Sidon; Egypt; Idumea and the Sea Coast of Palestine; Judea and Babylon; World's Entire History; Christ; History of the Jews.

Signs of the Times by Alexander Keith, 1832, 686pp.

Daniel's Great Image; Four Beasts; Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome; Ten Kingdoms; Rise of Papacy; Conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great; Four Divisions; Rise of Mohammedanism; Cyrus and Xerxes; Antiochus Epiphanes; Conversion of Constantine; Rise of Papacy; Code of Justinian; Celibacy; Worshipping Mary and Host; Saracens and Turks; Seven Seals; Seven Trumpets applied to Goths, Vandals, Huns, Ostrogoths, Arab Mohammedanism, Turks; Reformation; Bonaparte. Much more .

Evidence by Alexander Keith, no Copyright, 395 pp.

Illustrated. Prophecies Concerning Christ and the Christian Religion; Destruction of Jerusalem; the Jews; Judea; Ammon; Moab; Edom; Philistia; Nineveh; Babylon; Tyre; Egypt; Arabs; Africans; Seven Churches of Asia; conclusion .

The Marvels Of Bible Prophecy by H.N. Sargent, 1938, 428pp.

Plan of the Ages; Wonders of Prophecy; Great Prophecies of Daniel; Book of the Revelation (In the Light of History); The Signs of the Times; Lest We Forget.

History Of Nations Foretold -- The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation by John Kiesz, no Copyright, 49pp.

Beasts of Daniel and Revelation; Imperial Rome and Christianity; The Fall of the Roman Empire; The Reign of the Antichrist; The Seven Religio-Political Heads; The Revival of the Beast; The Image of the Beast; Modern Persecutions.

The Meaning Of The Apocalypse by E.H. Horne, 1916, 301pp.

Scholarly commentary on the Book of Revelation .

The Approaching End Of The Age by H. Grattan Guinness, 1918, 372pp.

Progressive Revelation and Interpretation. Foretold and Fulfilled. The Divine System of Times and Seasons. Events and Dates of the Times of the Gentiles.

Light For The Last Days by H. Grattan Guinness, 1888, 434pp.

Includes color chart of the world's history. Also a color Chronological Chart exhibiting the range of prophetic times with their commencement and close. The Daniel Parallel. The Times of the Gentiles. Captivirty of Israel and Judah. The Bisection Era. Time of the End -- Western Papal Aspect. Time of the End -- Eastern Mohammedan Aspect. Time of the End -- Jewish Aspect. Chronological Measures of the Times of the Gentiles. Lunar. Solar. Measures of Second Half of Seven Times. The Sanctuary Cycle. Connection Between Sanctuary Cycle and 70 Weeks. Final Time Of Angel's Oath. The Coming Kingdom. Much more.

The Divine Programme Of The World's History by H. Grattan Guinness, 1892, 455pp.

Includes Contrast between Christian and non-Christian Lands and Between Catholic and Protestant Lands. Natural arrangements securing the Permanent Seasons. Ethnic Prophecies that Japheth Is Enlarged, Shem is Monotheistic and Ham Loses Empire. Abraham Promised to be A Father of Many Nations. All Monotheism Traceable To Abraham. Plagues Directed Against Idolatry Of Egypt. "A Prophet Like Unto Me." Similarity Traces By Eusebius. Earthly Kingdom of David's Son has been Fulfilled in Part by Protestant Christianity. Babylonian and Medo-Persian Empires Described by Herodotus, Xenophon, The Canon of Ptolemy. Greek Empire by Theodoret, Thucydides. Alexander the Great and Josephus. Roman Empire and Gibbon. Ten Latin, Western Kingdoms Described by Machiavelli and from then on For Every Century till Now. Rome is the Little Horn. Jewish Dispersion. Much More.

Key To The Apocalypse by H. Grattan Guinness, 1899, 152pp.

Scripture Key to the Subject of Prophecy; Seven Interpretation of Symbolic Prophecy; Proof from History that Rome is the Babylon of the Apocalypse; Relation of the om an Empire to the Kingdom of God.

Thirteen Lectures On The Apocalypse by Robert Roberts, 1947, 190pp.

Wonderful commentary on the Book of Revelation from a Historical perspective.

Prophecy and Its Fulfillment by Discipulus, 1922, 287pp.

Included Chronological Chart and Prophetic Chart. "Despise Not Prophesyings." "Search The Scriptures." ""A False Prophet ... Whose Name Was Bar-Jesus" "No Prophecy of Scripture is of Private Interpretation." "A Light that Shineth in a Dark Place." "These are the Words Concerning Israel and Concerning Judah." "A Nation Bringing Forth the Fruits Thereof." "I will Make of Thee A Great Nation." "House of Judah Shall Walk With The House Of Israel." "There Shall Come In The Last Days Scoffers." "Blindness In Part Is Happened To Israel." "A Kingdom Which Shall Never Be Destroyed" ""I Have Appointed Each Day For A Year." "An Altar To The Lord In The Midst Of The Land Of Egypt." "From The Going Forth Of The Commandment ... Shall Be Seven Weeks And Three-Score And Two Weeks." "After Three-Score And Two Weeks Shall Messiah Be Cut Off" "This is A Deceiver And An Anti-Christ." "A Mouth Speaking Great Things And Blasphemies" "Understanding Dark Sentences" "He Shall Come To His End And None Shall Help Him." "A Place Called Armageddon" "The Devil Is Come Down To You Having Great Wrath" "Ye Cannot Discern The Signs Of The Times" "This Same Jesus ... Shall So Come In Like Manner." "We Shall Not All Sleep, But We Shall All Be Changed" "Because Thou Hast Kept The Word Of My Patience, I Also Will Keep Thee From The Hour Of Temptation." "Brethren ... Think On These Things." Much more.

Computation Of 666 by Newth and Houghton, 1891, 398pp.

Hermetic Philosophy; Paganism and Theosophy; Freemasonry; Romanism; the Asherah; Unity of Paganism; Mystery of Lawlessness; Sun of Righteousness; the Constellations and the Shadow of the Cross; the Fish and the Seed of Corn; Cosmic Character of the Ark; Initiation and Its Origin; Astrology and Its Origin; Eternal Life; the Mountain; the Aporrheta; 666 related to 2520.

Elements of Sacred Prophecy by T.R. Birks, 1843, 438pp.

Year Day; Nineveh and Jerusalem; Daniel's Four Empires; The Stone; Two Little Horns; Prophetic Meaning of Kings; Ptolemy; Seleucus; Philadelphus; Antiochus the Great; Raphia; Antiochus Epiphanes; Xerxes; Seventy Weeks; Persian Decrees; Abomination of Desolation; Holy Place; Times of the Gentiles; Great Tribulation; the Day and Hour; the Apocalypse; Stars, Rivers and Fountains; Sealed Tribes; Epistles to Churches; the Time, Times and Half; Dream of Nebuchadnezzar; Ten Days Tribulation; Locust Woe; Ten Kingdoms; 1,260 years; much more.

Book of Revelation by T.W. Christie, 1866, 610pp.

Seven Churches of Asia; Lamb with Seven Horns and Seven Eyes; 24 Elders; Lion, Calf, Man, Eagle; Four Horses and Their Riders; Seven Seals; Necromancy; Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome; Antiochus Epiphanes; Turks; Mormon Heresy; Dan Omitted; Two Sticks; The Seven Trumpets; "Green Grass" and "Trees"; "Sea" and "Burning Mountain";"Rivers" and "Wormwood"; Sun smitten; the Arabian Locusts; Two Wotnesses; Dragon and Woman; Mark of the Beast; 666; The seven Vials; The Noisome Sore; Sea Becomes Blood; Sun Scorches; Darkness; Euphrates Dries Up for Kings of East; Three Frogs and Armageddon; Victor Emmanuel & Garibaldi; "Dogs" and "Sorcderers"; Much more.

Daniel and the Revelation by Joseph Tanner, 1898, 539pp.

Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks; Daniel's Four Beasts; The Two Witnesses; Little Horn; Antichrist; Two Stages of Christ's Second Coming; Seven Epistles; Seals, Trumpets and Vials of Revelation; Great Tribulation; Abomination of Desolation; Much more .

The Downfall of Turkey and the Return of the Ten Tribes by G.S. Faber, 1853, 116pp.

A Dissertation on the Prophetic Scriptures by M. Habershon, 1834, 471pp.

acred Chronology;Gradual Rise of Popery by four successive Edicts; First Seal Constantine; Second Seal Gratian; Third Seal Valentinian III; Fourth Seal Justinian; Fifth Seal Reformation; Sixth Seal French Revolution; First Trumpet Alaric; Second Trumpet Attila; Third Trumpet Genseric; Fourth Trumpet Odoacer; Fifth Trumpet Saracens; Sixth Trumpet Turks; Duration of 400 and 430 Years; Two Beginnings and Two Endings of Babylonian Captivity; Edict of Cyrus and Taking of Babylon; Nebuchadnezzar Takes Jerusalem; Persians Kind to Jews; Edict of Artaxerxes; Death of Christ; Roman Destruction of Jerusalem; Jewish Dispersion; Ten Tribes; Assyrians; French Revolution; Bonaparte; Wasting Away of Turkey; Kings of the East; Three Unclean Spirits; Armageddon; Popery Divides into Ten Kingdoms; Edicts of Justinian and Phocas; Antiochus Epiphanes; 1290 and 1335 Years; Persecution and Death of Two Witnesses; Much more .

Visions of Daniel and of the Revelation Explained by E.P. Cachemaille, 1927, 694pp.

Symbolic Prophecies; Iron Empire and Stone (Dan. 2); Fourth Kingdom and Little Horn (Dan. 7); Persian, Greek and Turk (Dan. 8); Seventy Weeks and Messiah (Dan. 9); Scripture of Truth (Dan. 10-12); Measurement of Prophetic Periods; Scenery and Symbolism of Book of Revelation; Decline of Heathen Rome (Rev. 6); Apostasy Begins (Rev. 6-7); Christian Rome Ravaged in West by Goths(Rev. 8); In East by Saracens and Turks (Rev. 8-9); Reformation (Rev. 10); French Revolution (Rev. 11); Woman and Dragon (Rev. 12); Beast (Rev. 13); Lamb and Sealed Saints (Rev. 14); French Revolution (Rev. 15-16); Punishment on Papacy (Rev. 16); Punishment on Turk (Rev. 16); Marrikage of Lamb and Vintage (Rev. 18-19); Survey of Ezekiel 36-48; Satan Bound and Millenium (Rev. 20-22) .

The Four Prophetic Empires and the Kingdom of Messiah by T.R. Birks, 1845, 446pp.

wo BeginningsBabylon; Persia; Greece; Undivided Fourth Empire; Division; Ten Kings; Little Horn; Papal Supremacy; Papal Persecutions; Spiritual Lessons of Prophetic History; Millenium; New Heavens and Earth; Time of Second Advent; Destruction of Great Image; Kingdom of Son of Man; Sacred Chronology; First Resurrection

When Will Our Lord Return? by Harold Norris, 1914, 125pp.

The Seven-Times Period; Year-Day Principle; Sacred Chronology; the Church Period; Sabbatism; Warning Epochs and Events; more .

The Great Tribulation by Bernard Nicklin, 1941, 167pp.

The AbominationThat Maketh Desolate; Jacob's Trouble; The Wall of Untempered Mortar; The Hail, the Locusts, and the Darkness; Ephraim and Ariel; The Great Shaking; Babylon the Great; The Beast and His Helpers; Armageddon; The New World Order; Index.

The Great Shaking by Bernard Nicklin, 1919, 80pp.

Diagram of the combined Day Scales. Many charts of World War One fulfilling the 1260, 2520, 1335, 2300 and 666 days, etc. "Declaring the End from the Beginning". The "Year-hand" on the clock of Prophecy. The "Day-hand" RevealedExplanation of periods, of Year-Day Scales, of Literal Day Scales. Prophetic Chart of the Grand Scales. Prophetic Chart of the Day Scales. Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. Instance of A Sealed Prophecy. The Significance of the Prophetic Numbers. The Law of Compoletion in Weeks. A Discovery Regarding the Numbers in Revelation. The Seven Great Typical Feasts of the Jewish Calendar. The Gap Between "Pentecost" and "Trumpets." Gematria of the Seven Hills of Rome.

The Hand Of God In History by William Spicer, 1913, 246pp.

Includes many illustrations; The Divine Hand in Human History; The Witness to the Living God; Witness Borne To Ancient Nations; The Witness To Alexander the Great; A Great Prophetic Measuring Line; Beginning of the Great Prophetic Period; Witness of Astronomy to History and Prophecy; The Greek Olympiads and the Date B.C. 457; "Unto Messiah the Prince"; "He Shall Confirm the Covenant With Many"; The Fall of Jerusalem; Flash-Light Views of Prophecy; Rise and Work of the Papacy; Beginning of the 1260 Years of Papal Supremacy; Ending of the 1260 Years of Papal Supremacy; The "Two Witnesses"; The Triumph of the Two Witnesses; "The Time of the End"; Increase of Knowledge; The Era of Missions; The Era of Bible Circulation; The Coming of the Judgment Hour and its Announcement; Advent Movement and Message of Revelation 14; Providential Agencies For Quick Work; "Then Shall The End Come".

12.) British-Israelism

Bible Research, foreword by Sir Errol Manners, 1946, 761pp.

Many illustrations, charts, photos. The migrations of the lost ten tribes as well as Canaanites, Assyrians, Edomites Hittites etcetera. The Hebrew origin of English. Israelite heraldry in Anglo-Saxon countries. Archaeological significance of Moabite Stone, Black Obelisk, Behistun Rock, etcetera. Many fulfilled prophecies against Tyre, Egypt, Israel, etcetera Seven times or 2520 years. Many other scholarly subjects. The best single book on British-lsraelism.

British Israel Bible Notes by J. Ball, 1907, 497pp. From Genesis to Revelation all the Scriptures that directly pertain to British Israel dictrine are given with very informative commentary.

Fullness of the Nations by H. Aldersmith, 1945, 192pp.

A high-quality photocopy of the original 192-page book that explains the promises given to the house of Israel. Whered are the ten tribes? "A Company of Nations." Possession of the land. Birthright blessings. Distinction between Jews and Israel. Israel did not return to Palestine. Blessings must be fulfilled in Israel before Millenium. Increased and Multiplied. In the land of the north "as the sand of the sea." My Servant. My Witnesses. My Chosen. Divorced Wife Redeemed by Christ. Jews left "few in number." North and West from Palestine. Isles of the Sea. Isles afar off. The Gate of His Enemies. Kymri, Sakai, Scuths. "Seven Times." "dwell alone." Prayer Book. Charts and pictures.

Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race by M.H. Gayer, 1941, 144pp.

Charts. Migrations of Israel. Royal House of David. Eleven characteristics of Israel fulfilled in the British. Heraldry of British-Israel. color chart

A Peculiar People by H.E. Proctor, 1930, 351pp.

The Family and Tribes. A Nation and Two Kingdoms. The Kingdom Scattered. The Messiah. The Appointed Place. The Church of Britain Attackesd. The Kingdom Gathered.

God in His Earth by Arthur Pritchard, 1919, 152pp

The Golden Age of the Past. The Kingdom on Earth. Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Benjamin's Role in History. Cumulative Evidence. Much more.

Revelation Fulfilled In History by Basil Stewart, 1934, 174pp.

A foreview of European History, secular and ecclesiastical, from 96 A.D. to the present. Twenty-two chapters and three tables.

The Divine Calendar: a six-volume commentary on the Book of Revelation by Augusta Cook Volume 1: The Seven Seals, 1914, 249pp. ch.4-7

chapters 4-7 .

Volume 2: The Seven Trumpets, 1909, 303pp. ch.8-11

chapters 8-11.

Volume 3: The Seven Vials (part 1), 1911, 319pp. ch.12-14

chapters 12-14 ..

Volume 4: The Seven Vials (part 2), 1913, 394pp. ch.15-16

chapters 15-16 .

Volume 5:The Seven Vials (part 3), 1918, 429pp. ch.16-22

cchapters 16-22 .

Volume 6: The Seven Golden Candlesticks, 1924, 590pp. ch.1-3

chapters 1-3 .

By Way of the East by Augusta Cook, 1908, 232pp.

Illustrated. General Impressions of Palestine and Egypt; Victoria to Cairo; Pyramids of Gizeh; Treasures of Egypt; Jaffa to Jerusalem; The Holy City; On the Summit of Olivet; The Temple Area; Via Dolorosa, or the Way of Sorrows; To Bethany and Down to Jericho; Bethlehem; To Hebron and the Plain of Mamre; Through Samaria; Mount Carmel, the Plain of Esdraelon, and the Battlefield of Armageddon; Nazareth; Lake of Galilee; Over the Lebanon to Damascus; Baalbec; Smyrna and Ephesus -- a Contrast; Through the Dardanelles to Constantinople; Through the Greek Archipelago and Homeward Bound ..

The Story Of The Light That Never Went Out by Augusta Cook and W. Stanley Martin, 1903, 586pp

Illustrated. How The Light Came; How the Darkness Came; Parting of the Ways; The Venerable Bede, and Other Famous Men; England's Greatest King; William the Conqueror and the Norman Period; Gathering Shadows; Midnight; England's Bulwark, Or The Foundation of Liberty Laid; Monks and Friars With Shaven Crowns; How The Lamp Was Kept Buring; Thomas Bradwardine, the Man Who Trimmed the Lamp; Robert Longland, the Man Who Dreamed A Dream; John Wycliffe; The Lollards; Chariots of Fire; The Fifteenth Century; Preparation For The Reformation; How The English Reformation Began; Two Great Discoveries and What Came of Them; The Much-Married Monarch; William Tyndale; The Martyr's Prayer Answered; The English Josiah; Dark Days; "Latimer's Light Shall Never Go Out"; England's Greatest Archbishop; "Of Whome The World Was Not Worthy"; Daughters of The King; Lambs In The Flock Of Slaughter; Why The Martyrs Suffered; Martyr's Memorials; John Foxe; What Might Have Been; Brighter Days; The Jesuits; "Bonnie Queen Bess"; The Invincible Armada; Martyrs or Murderers -- Which?; Gunpowder, Treason and Plot; An Old Time Ritualist; The King and Parliament; "Old Noll"; Puritan England; "The Merry Monarch"; The Tinker Of Bedford; The Stuart Schemer; Bishops Of The Right Sort; The Glorious Revolution; Protestantism Ascends The Throne; The Light In The Eighteenth Century; The Victorian Era -- The World's Greatest Empire; "Thy Kingdom Come." .

The Sign Post by Davydd, 100pp.

Promises in Genesis, History, the Coronation Stone, Prophetic Chronology, Great Pyramid, Prayer Book, Manasseh the 13th Tribe, the Lost Chapter of Acts, Royal Arms of Great Britain all point in one direction like a sign post that Britain is Israel..

Who Are We? and What is our Mission? by J. Thornhill Harrison, 1887, 202pp.

With seven maps. Traces the dispersion of mankind: Japheth, Ham and Shem in detail. Then concentrates on the lost ten tribes of Israel as the Phoenicians, Greeks, Medes, Persians, Parthians, Bactrians, Scythians, Aryans, Sacae, Goths, Huns, Danes, Germans, then Anglo-Saxons. Much more also.

The Title Deeds of Egypt, Palestine and Arabia by H.A. Edwards 38pp.

What does the Bible say about who owns Palestine, Egypt and Arabia? .

Miracles of History by David Davidson, 1947, 256pp.

Eleven charts, maps or illustrations. Uses the Great Pyramid of Gizeh Egypt as a prophetic oracle related to the British nation.

Israel's Racial Origin and Migrations by W.H. Fasken, 1934, 98pp.

Was Abraham of the Aryan, Nordic race? Mediterranean, Alpine and Nordic peoples of Europe analyzed. Israel's migra- tions. Israel in Greece, Asia Minor, Central Asia, Spain, Ireland, Europe, the Goths, Britain.

Seven Times by H.W. Wadge, 1929, 146pp.

2520 years punishment for Israel and Judah as fulfilled in history. Detailed chart of Great Pyramid.

Evolution of Israel by Capt. B. de W. Weldon, 1650?, 405pp.

The ten lost tribes traced from Palestine throughout history under their various names describing their accomplishments and battles till their arrival in Britain.

Lost Tribes by George Moore M.D., 1861, 423pp.

Illustrations. The Afghans, the Buddhists and the Sakai; the doctrines of Sakya Buddha. The Israelites in India. An engraving at Sachi portrays a lion and antelope under the Union Jack shield with stars to one side and a Union Jack flag to the other and trident over 2000 years old.

God in British History by Arthur Pritchard, M.A., 1917, 92pp.

Place of Exile; Place of Security; Romans in Britain; Britons in Rome; Saint Paul in Briton and Rome; The coming of the Saxons, Danes, Normans, British Characteristics; the Symbols; God in History; Royal Bloodstreams and chart.

Our Descent From Israel by Hew B. Colquhoun, 1940, 254pp.

Migrations from Egypt and Canaan; Taken to Media; Did not Return; Saxons found where Israel lost; Druids were Levites- Paul visited Britain; Dan traced to Ireland; Place Names and tombstone inscriptions; Baal Worship; English language came from Hebrew; British not Teutonic; David's Throne to Ireland; Israelite customs and heraldry; Weights and Measures- Craniology, Physiognomy and Etymology; Blind Evidence; Prophecies.

Britain in Prophecy & History by P.W. Thompson, 1943, 280pp.

The Seven Times; The Promises; The Lollards, Puritans, Anglicans and the Deliverer; John Wesley and the Methodists- Inscriptions; Prophetic fulfillment literal; Alfred the truth-teller..

Our British Ancestors by Samuel Lysons, M.A., F.S.A., 1865, 555pp.

Place-names in Britain having a Hebrew Celtic origin. British customs derived from the east. A glossary of English words apparently derived from the Hebrew, Chaldee or Syriac. Much more also..

Ephraim England by Robert Douglas, 1886, 215pp.

England the recipient of the Abrahamic Covenant Promises; Jew-Israel theory refuted. The stone that became a mountain; Language and Physiognomy. Much more also.

The World's Greatest Throne by John S. Fox, 1949, 56pp.

Many drawings and pictures. Ephraim to be gathered in the isles afar off. The Covenant to David. Jeremiah and the King's daughters. The Stone of Destiny. The Coronation Ceremony. The King's Bride. The Stone fills the whole earth.

Heaven's Magnet For A World Conquest by Melvin E. King, 1916, 317pp.

Odin's geneology; World's Gateways; "Paddy am a Canaanite"; Spanish Armada; Battle of Quebec; Anglo-Saxons guide the world; Stone of Destiny; Wealth; Baal; Colonizers; Huge population; Many quotations of the Kaiser; much more also.

Suggestions On Ancient Britons by G.D. Barber A.M., 1854, 288pp.

Pythagoras accredited with the origin of Druidism; Welsh descendants of Cymry; Cymry noticed on the sculptures of Nineveh; Hebrew Origin of British words; Samnites; Idols; Celt and Gaul the same; Cymry in Dacia; Mistletoe and Druids; The Oak. Much more.

Our Great Heritage by W.T.F. Jarrold, 1927, 360pp.

Many illustrations. Israel punished. Anglo-Saxons the fifth kingdom to fill the whole earth and shall never be destroyed. Balaam's Blessings. A place for my people - an island. Prayer Book. Ancient symbols on British coins. Tribe of Dan. Flag. Customs. Traditions. Nursery Rhymes, Games. Ephraim and Manasseh. Palestine will be resettled by Israel. Tamar Tephi in Ireland. King David's royal line. Stone of Israel. Druidism. Paul in Britain. Great Pyramid.

God's Covenant Man -- British Israel by Prof. E. Odlum, 1916, 305pp.

Eating up the earth. Dan the judge and pioneer. Argonautic Expedition. The stone kingdom and stone pillar. English compared with Hebrew language. Hebrew and Assyrian. Great events in history. Promises, prophecies and covenants concerning Britain. New Testament.

Great Britain & The U.S.A. Revealed as Israel The New Order by A.J. Ferris, 1941, 62pp.

Many Diagrams and Illustrations. The Promises Contained In The Abrahamic Covenant -- Israel To Become a Great and Mighty Commonwealth of Nations. How Israel Migrated From Palestine To Britain. The Warning of Dispersion and Chastisement For "Seven Times." How "Seven Times" Equals 2,520 Years. Application of 2,520 Years to Captivity Dates of Israel, Jerusalem and Judah. The Spread of Anglo-Saxon Dominion. Daniel 2 Foretells Four Gentile Empires During Israel's "Seven Times" Chastisement, At the End of Which Israel Would Emerge A Victorious World-Wide Empire. The Seal of the United States Verifies Identity of that Great People As Manasseh. British Royal Coat of Arms Verifies the Identity of the Commonwealth As Ephraim. House of Israel Was To Become A New Covenant or Christian People. The Symbolism of the Union Jack or Union of Jacob. What Does It Matter if We Are Israel? .

The British Commonwealth & The United States Foretold in The Bible by A.J. Ferris, 1940, 96pp.

Many diagrams and pictures. Are the Jews the 12 tribes of Israel? Are the U.S. and British Joseph? Geographic isolation. Numerical strength. Military prowess. Blessings of the sea. Mineral wealth. Primary products. The blessings of heaven. The purpose of making Israel great - to bless all families of earth.

Deliverance From Russia -- How It Will Come by A.J. Ferris, 1947, 91pp.

Many Illustrations. The Third World War. Russia Will Be The Aggressor. The Attacked Will Be Anglo-Saxondom -- the modern "Sheba and Dedan, and the Merchants of Tarshish." But the People to be Attacked by Russia are The Lost Tribes of Israel who Must Therefore be Britain and America. The Battleground is to be the "land of Israel." This Means the Lands of Anglo-Saxondom. How Russia Will Invade Anglo-Saxondom. By Air and Land. Strategy Points to the United States as the Number One Objective. How Much Anglo-Saxon Territory Will Russians Conquer Before Being Checked? How and When Deliverance Will Come. The Effect of the Call of Anglo-Saxondom to God -- on the Russians, on the Nations of the World, and on the Anglo-Saxons Themsellves. Jews Are Not Israel; Palestine Not Battleground of Armageddon. Report of the Royal Commission on Espionage in Canada.

The Book of Revelation by A.J. Ferris, 1940, 184pp.

Many diagrams and pictures with commentary on each chapter of Revelation from British-Israel viewpoint.

The Great Tribulation -- Past, Present or Future? by A.J. Ferris, 1941, 72pp.

30 illustrations; How the prophecy came to be made (Matt. 24:3); General characteristics of the period of Christ's absence; The signs of his return -- the Great War of 1914-1918 and the worldwide preaching of the Gospel; The sign of the destruction of Jerusalem; Difficulties arising out of Christ's application of the prophecy of the unique tribulation to the A.D. 66-70 desolation of the Holy City; Great Tribulation is the whole period of treading down Jerusalem by Gentiles from A.D. 70 to the 1917 generation; How does this interpretation harmonize with the "time of trouble" in Daniel 12:1-2 which seems to associate the Tribulation with the end of the age?; Christ's detailed description of the Great Tribulation confirms the above solution; Great Tribulation referred to in Revelation 7:14 and proves it is the period when the Gospel is taken from Jews and given to Gentiles (including the Gentilized House of Israel). The present world situation in light of these conclusions.

When Russia Bombs Germany by A.J. Ferris, 1940, 80pp.

Second World War Foretold in Revelation 16:12-21; The three groups symbolized by Babylon, Kings of the East and the River Euphrates; Who is Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18 who is to be destroyed in the present war? How the decay of the Turkish Empire meant the ultimate doom of Roman Catholic Europe; Is Russia the Kings of the East? (Rev. 16:12) who will destroy Continental civilization?; Planes foretold in the Bible; Methods by which Russia will destroy Rome-Berlin axis; Role of British and U.S.; An Exodus and Red Sea deliverance for Anglo-Saxon nations followed by dedication to God; Deliverance of Jews from Anti-Semitic Europe and rebuilding of New Covenant "Temple of God" in Anglo-Saxon Israel; Bible solution to Post-War problems.

Armageddon Is At The Doors by A.J. Ferris, 1942, 64pp.

Illustrated. The Sign of the Deliverance of Jerusalem in 1917. The Sign of the Palestine Campaign of 1917/18 as Foretold by the Prophets Obadiah, Isaiah and Joel. The Sign of the Exodus of the Jews from Europe since 1917, their Return to Palestine and Migration to Anglo-Saxon Lands. The Sign in Joel 2 of the Present-day physical Restoration of the Land of Palestine. The Final Battle For World Dominion. The Atheistic Communist World will Attack the Merchant Race of Anglo-Saxon Israel. What Will Happen when the Armies of "Gog" Advance Upon Palestine? .

The Coronation and The Throne of David by A.J. Ferris, 1937, 92pp.

Everlasting Throne of David. Symbolism of the Coronation Ceremony. Transfer of David's Throne to Britain. History of Jacob's Stone and Westminster Abbey. Claims of Jesus Christ to David's Throne.

Germany's Doom Foretold by A.J. Ferris, 1942, 48pp.

Who are Anglo-Saxons and Germans in Bible? Birth of Esau and Jacob. Struggle for birthright. The historic enmity between Israel and Judah and the surrounding nations of Edom, Moab, Ammon, Philistia and Tyre. The axis nations and their destruction. Full retribution on Germany for all her atrocities. The glorious destiny of Anglo-Saxons.

The Three-Headed Eagle by A.J. Ferris, 1944, 96pp. Illlustrated. Second Esdras Text about Eagle. The Eagle Represents the Fourth Empire of Rome. Twelve Large Wings and Eight Little Wings. Transition From Pagan to Holy Roman Empire. Three Heads of the Eagle. German Emperors, French Kings and Papacy. Judgment and Destruction of Eagle. Roaring of the Anglo-Saxon Lion. Much more

What's Wrong With The Churches? -- And the Remedy by A.J. Ferris, 1946, 129pp

The Rise of the Roman Catholic Church. Exit of Liberty and Democracy and Entrance of Bondage and Totalitarianism. Disintegration of the Church of Rome. Rise of the Reformed and Free Churches. Not Reunion by Amalgamation but Exodus from Romanism. Genuine Christians will come out of Sects. Conflict with Russia will force Anglo-Saxons out of Sects. How to know if your Church Is Sectarian. Don't Forsake Assembling Together. Marks of a Model New Testament Church. Exodus From Babylonian Doctrine. Rescuing Bible From Greek Philosophy and Textual Corruptions. Integrating local Churches with the Universal Church. Conclusion..

Elijah the Prophet Is Nigh At Hand by A.J. Ferris, 48pp.

The promise of the coming of Elijah the prophet never yet fulfilled in history, yet the New Testament writers applied the "Elijah" prophecies to John the Baptist. But the Baptist did not fulfill this prophetic role of Elijah the Prophet fully. Since there are two advents of the Messiah, there must also be two advents of "Elijah." The three sets of twin prophecies concerning John and Jesus, made at their conceptions and births, were not fulfilled at the first advent, but will be at the second. More also.

The Conflict of Science and Religion by A.J. Ferris, 60pp.

The Teaching of the Church on the Creation of the Universe and of Man, from Genesis 1 and 2. The Challenge and Destruction of this interpretation of Genesis by the modern Discoveries of Geography, Geology, and Archaeology. The Theory of Evolution steps into the Breach. Results of the Challenge of Scientific Knowledge and of the Theory of Evolution. Age of Earth. Antiquity of Man. Origin of New Species. More.

Commentary on Book of Isaiah by L.G.A. Roberts, 1931, 177pp.

Commentary on each chapter of Isaiah from British-Israel viewpoint.

Studies in Jeremiah by L.G.A. Roberts, 1926, 135pp.

Commentary on each chapter of Jeremiah from British-Israel viewpoint.

Studies in Ezekiel by L.G.A. Roberts, 1926, 108pp.

Commentary on each chapter of Ezekiel from British-Israel viewpoint.

Israel in the Book of Revelation by L.G.A. Roberts, 1911, 232pp.

Commentary on chapters one through fourteen of the book of Revelation from British-Israel viewpoint.

British History Traced From Egypt And Palestine by L.G.A. Roberts, 1927, 173pp.

Maps and illustrations. Hebrew Epitaphs in Crimea. Israel in India. Hebrew roots in English Danai in Greece Liaurians.

Druidism in Britain, A Preparation For the Gospel by L.G.A. Roberts, no Copyright, 22pp

Russian Chapters of Ezekiel by W.M.H. Milner, 1923, 64pp.

Diagram and map. Gog, Magog, Rosh, Meschech and Tubal.

Russia Japhet by Oxonian, 1890, 232pp.

Maps. The promise to Japeth. The Sea of Ashkenaz. Iapetus. Assyrians in Germany. King Odin. Slavs. Poles. Muscovites are Meschech. Siberia Tubal. Bulgaria Tubal. Magog Mongolia. Turks Edom. Mount Tagharma in central Asia. Some Turks claim to be sons of "Yapit". Rosh aristocrasy from Benjamin. Much more.

Israel's Wanderings by W.M.H. Milner (Oxonian), 1892, 156pp.

Maps. Dan at Troy. Heracles. Argonauts. Canaan's curse. Kelts are Canaanite and Israelite. Tuatha de Danaan. Milesians or Scots. Jeremiah and Zedekiah's daughters. David's Throne perpetual. Cities of the Medes. Scuths cross the Araxes. Parthians and Afgans both Israelite. Getae and Zal-moxis. Gravestones in Crimea. Odin in Saxony. Anglo-Saxons were not Germans. Benjamin lent to Judah. Escape to become Normans of 1066.

Verse by Verse -- From Genesis To Malachi by W.M.H. Milner, 1901, 185pp.

An examination of the Old Testament scriptures bearing on the discovery of the British-Israel message. Very rare book.

Origin and Progress of the Scythians or Goths by John Pinkerton, 1814, 247pp.

Scythian, Getae and Goth all one people. From Asia not Scandinavia. Germans were Scythae. Much more.

The British Empire by W.A. Holme Twentyman, 1903, 277pp.

Ten Tribes arrive in British Isles. A Nation Forever. Multitudinousness. Colonizing People. Racial Superiority? The Gates. World-Wide creditor. A nation and a company of nations. Ephraim and Manasseh. The Scepter. The lion and unicorn. Naval supremacy. Not defeated. Seamanship. Canaanite pricks and thorns. A great and righteous nation. Head and not tail. A fruitful nation. Place too Strait. Naturalization. Abundance of the sea. World-wide dominion. Israel redeemed. Ark of the covenant. Representative government. The franchise. Princess Tephi. Missionary people. Strong nation. Kingless. A little sanctuary. Our King's sepulchres. An island people. Geographical position. Language Physiognomy. New name. Stone of Witness. Opposition to slavery. Christ's kingdom forming.

Divine Time Measures by J. Bernard Nicklin, 1933, 206 pp.

Many diagrams. 7000 The week of human history. 2520 Seven times. 2300 Sanctuary cycle. 1890 Pregnancy. 1335, 1290, 1260 Mohammedanism. 1260 Papacy. 1260 Two witnesses. 1260 Woman in the wilderness. 1040 Daniel cycle. 1000 Millenium day. 840 Seven times. 666 Number of beast. 630 Quarter of the seven times. 490 Seventy weeks. 400 Bondage. 396.333 Turks. 390 Israel. 360 A time. 286 Displacement. 270 Pregnancy. 153 Elect. 120 Final warning. 70 Captivity. 65 Ephraim. 40 Judah. 20 Jacob's trouble. Etcetera. Many fulfillments in past history.

The New World Coming by Henry D. Houghton, 1930, 208pp.

The Abrahamic covenant. Eight corruptible witnesses. Times of the Gentiles. Unveiling Israel. Punishment of wicked nations. Evidence from Psalm 46, Isaiah and Hoel. Esdras. Israel redeemed. Who are the elect? Overthrow of the Antichrist. The Millenium.

Strong Reasons by F.K.T., 1941, 148pp.

Is there a chosen race and which is it? British Empire the subject of prophecy. Differences between Israel and Judah. The Covenant promises to Abraham fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxons. The blessings of Jacob and Moses. Balaam's prophecy of isolation for Britain. Perpetual throne of David. Britain and America -- Ephraim and Manasseh. Captivity -- the 27,280 fallacy. From Assyria to Britain. Trojans, Spartans, Danites and Celts take Mediterranean route to Britain. Are we Japhetic? Shouldn't we have Jewish features? Are we akin to Germans? A mixed race? .

Introduction To Genesis by C.F. Parker, 1936, 128pp.

A commentary on the book of Genesis concluding with chapter 10: the generations of Noah, from a British-Israel perspective.

Balaam and Britain by I. Henry Clyde, 1946, 95pp.

Balak and Balaam. The first, second, third and fourth prophecies. Conclusion.

The Battle Axe of Jehovah by Charles H. Porter, 1928, 224pp.

Israel's Saxon history. Predictions concerning Ephraim. Lion and Unicorn. Stone of Scone. A Multitude of nations. British rule in India. What England has done for Egypt. The British Empire. Irish question. Racial differences. Ancient peoples of the British Isles. Anglo-Israel traits.

Ye Are My Witnesses by E.F. Waddington, 1932, 195pp.

The witness of Jesus Christ. The witness of the Jew. Contrast between Israel and Judah. Israel is the Stone Kingdom. Anglo- Saxons are Israel. Much more.

God's Education of the Anglo-Saxon-lsrael Race by A.J. Ferris, 1936, 80pp.

Many maps and pictures. Abrahamic Covenant Promises. Mosaic Covenant conditions. Seven times punishment or 2520 years. Four Gentile empires. The fifth stone kingdom is Israel-Britain. Manasseh's independence foretold. Joseph's life paralleled by his descendants. The seals. Judah rejects Christ. Israel redeemed by Christ under New Covenant. Union Jack symbolism. What does it matter if we are Israel?

Palestine For Jew or Arab? by A.J. Ferris, 1946, 61pp.

Maps and charts. Dimensions of the land and to whom it was promised. Possession and/or loss under Old Testament; under New Testament; True heirs revealed in 1917. Practical suggestions.

The Great Pyramid by A.J. Ferris, 1934, 80pp.

Many charts, diagrams and illustrations. A simple explanation of the Bible message to the Anglo-Saxon people found in the Great Pyramid.

AntiChrist and His Ten Kingdoms by Albert Close, 1944, 228pp.

Many detailed explanatory drawings and pictures. Book of Revelation written in symbols; Church of Rome is the Anti-Christ and adopts Babylonian rites; Return of Jews to Palestine; Drying up of Turkey; Cause of Ireland's Sorrows; Rome is the Enemy of the British Empire; The meaning of 666; Fulfillments of Prophecy; Rise and Fall of Mussolini; Much more also.

The Divine Programme of the World's History by Albert Close, 1916, 224pp.

Many maps and illustrations. 2500 years of Gentile History. Roman Catholicism originated in ancient Babylon. Covenanters of Scotland. Pilgrim Fathers land in 1620 A.D. Turkish Empire dries up. Napoleon and Wellington. German Rationalism. The Pope claims to be Jesus Christ. Much much more.

Rome's Attack On The British Empire and the United States of America by Albert Close, 1938?, 132pp.

Many detailed explanatory drawings and pictures. Rome's fight for the throne of Britain 1534 to 1930 A.D. from a scholarly Biblical viewpoint.

Links in the Chain of Evidence Connecting Israel and England by J. Leyland Feilden, 1876, 114pp.

Salvation promised to Adam's Race; "The Sons of God"; Shem, Ham and Japheth; the Promises to their Descendants; Royal Line With Judah; Ham in Egypt; Amalekite Kings of Egypt; Pharaohs of Joseph and Moses; Esau and Jacob; the Events it foreshadowed; Isaac's Prophecy; Jacob's Vow, Stone and Children; Judah's Scepter in Britain; Judah Befriends Joseph Who Typifies Christ; Birth of Pharez and Zarah; Baal and Judah Contemporary if not Identical; Golden Calk; Expulsion of Zerah; Jupiter; Scytha Son of Jupiter; Feniusa Farsa; Hebrew the Original Language; His Schools; He Returns to Scythia; Scythia's Connection to Israel; Israel in Britain; Niul or Cecrops Returns to Egypt; Gadelas and Moses; The Meaning of Gentile; The Prediction of Moses; Gadelians Expelled From Egypt and Invade Ireland; Milesius in Spain; Milesians invade Ireland; Brigantes From Sais; The Picts; All the Tribes in Britain.

The Heir of the World or the Nations of Europe as Descended From Abraham by A.S., 1876, 164pp.

Includes colored maps and drawings. Genesis ten. Skull and Language. Historic Sketch of Europe. Historic Sketch of Britain. The Cymry and Gael. The Triads and the Apocrypha. Khumri or Samaria. Bardism and the Hebrew Religion. The British Church. Ireland. Scotland. Objections. Conclusion. Ollamn Fodhia Head, Tomb and Chair. Hebrew Ensigns of the Tribes.

Darkest Brtiain's Epiphany by Robert Douglas, 1891, 346pp.

An "Elect Race." Popular Fallacies. Passion Prophecy of Christ. Britain Endowed With the Kingdom of God. The Epistle of Hebrews was Written to the British Church. Britain Possessing the Kingdom of God. Israel's Constellation of Christian Nations. Historical Support. Archaeological Support. Original Buddhism. Objections Answered. Christian-Israel Socialism, Land Laws, the Unemployed, Revival of the East.

God and Greater Britain: The British Race by Robert Douglas, c. 1902, 304pp.

From the Twentieth Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D. The Papacy A Pseudo-Israel. Birthright Blessings Conveyed to a Gentilized Israel. Displacement of Japhetic Aborigines. Arabian Traditions. Arians are Israelite Medes. Abraham and His Race. Israelite Origin of the Early Greek Republics. The Etruscans. Succoth, Scythia, Scotia. Four Living Creatures. Calf Worship -- Why Popular? Sor-apis -- A Deified Joseph. Tacitus and German Grove Worship. Baal Worship in Israel and Britain. Vikings. Odin. Druidism. Galatians Literal Israelites. Pudens, Linus and Claudia. Britannia Rules the Waves. Irish Canaanites.

British-Israel Truth by Hanan and Aldersmith, 1926, 275pp.

The distinction between Israel and Judah; Israel was to carry the Gospel as God's Witness to all Nations; Birthright was Joseph's; Israel didn't Return with Jews; Difference Between Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants; Chief of Nations; As Sand of Sea; Seven Times; Multiplication in Land of North; The People that Sat in Darkness; The Galileans and Benjamin; The Gates of His Enemies; Isles of the Northwest; Lion and Unicorn; Wealthy; Sabbath; German and Gothic Nations not Israel; Josephus says Beyond Euphrates; Scythians are Israelites; Tombs of South Russia; Sharon Turner; de Chailu; Samaria to Gozan; Araxes to Sereth; Dneiper to Elbe;Across to Britain; National Prayer Book; The Welsh are Beth-Kymru; A Representative Return; Dynasty of David; Jeremiah's Commission; Irish Legends; Coronation Stone; much more .

The Title Deeds of Egypt, Palestine and Arabia by H.A. Edwards, L.Th., 1930, 38pp.

Illustrated. Greater Palestine (Ez. 47-48). General Allenby. The Bible, and Ownership of the Land. Israel, Egypt and Assyria (Syria) working together (Isa. 19:24-25) .

The Geography of the Gates by Philo-lsrael, 1897, 192pp.

Map and Illustrations. The Gate and Its Meaning. Israel's Leading Identification. Captain Colomb. Gibraltar. Malta. Cyprus. Suez Canal. Perim. Aden. Socotra. Bombay. Madras. Calcutta. Peshawur. Rangoon. Singapore. Hong Kong. Cape of Good Hope. Natal. Cape Coast Castle. Sierra Leone. Mombasa. Mauritius. St. Helena. Ascension. Sydney. Melbourne. Adelaide. Perth. Brisbane. Hobart. New Zealand. Falkland Islands. Jamaica. Sarawak. Labuan. Herat. Gates of India. British Guiana. Channel Islands. Persian Gulf. St. Jean de Acre. Constantinople. Israel's Gates, and some Lapsed Ones. Conclusion.

The Servant Nation by H.N. Sargent, 1932, 125pp.

The Bible. Bible Prophecy. The Plan For the Ages. Israel Not Cast Off. The Appointed Place. Israel's Early Colonization. The Wanderings of Israel After Captivity. The Promises Made To The Fathers. The Promises Fulfilled and Israel Manifested. The Throne and Dynasty of David. Israel and the Church. The Kingdom of God.

Who are The Irish? by James Bonwick, 1880, 136pp.

Stonebuilders; Crannog Race; Iberian Irish; Nemedian Irish; Fomorian Irish; Firbolg Irish; Tuath-De-Danaan Irish; Milesian Irish; Fenian Irish; Phoenician Irish; Celtic Irish; Picts and Scots; Ancient Names of Ireland; Tara and Dublin Past; Stone of Destiny; Irish Round Towers; Romans, Britons, Danish, Saxons; Irish Women; Irish Literature; Ancient Irish Religion; Old Irish Laws; English; Norman; Ulster.

The House of Israel Or The Anglo-Saxon by Samuel Brown M.D., 1925, 856pp.

Skull shapes illustrated; Each of the twelve tribes are dealt with in detail; Commandments, Statutes and Judgments of the Lord; Blind, foolish and worthless shepherds; Mingling Seed with the House of Canaan; The Lord breaks the Brotherhood between Israel and Judah; Name changed; Supplants Esau; House of Japheth; Moab; Ammon; Much more also.

Israel Redivivus by F.C. Danvers, 1905, 314pp.

Includes map; Much of Inspired Truth has been Misrepresented in the Past; Anglo-Saxons are ten-tribed Israel; Japan's claim refuted; Dates previous to 776 B.C. uncertain; English Bible Uses "Gentile" instead of "Greek;" Israel and Judah God's Witnesses Testifying that "He is God"; Covenants with Israel Intended as a Blessing to all Nations; Paul's Visit to Greece, Spain and Britain; Lacedemonians and Ionians were Israelites; Chaldean Kingdom of Nimrod; Asshur established Nineveh in Assyria; Phoenicians Pass From Persian Gulf to Mediterranean; Medes Become Free; Captives From Samaria Placed in "Cities of Medes"; Hara -- an Ancient Name of Upper Media; Predicted Chastisement of Israel; All that Strive With Israel Perish; Israelites Go to Arsareth; Accounts by Esdras and Herodotus; Israelites migrate with and as Scythians; Daci are Danes; Gutium are Goyim; Many Points of Similarity Between Israel and Scythia; Israel in Egypt and Greece; Dan Leaves Palestine; Dan and Javan Trade With Tyre; Greeks Extend Trade to Sicily, Malta and Spain; Getae, Goths and Scythians all the Same; Scythians Became Scandinavians, Saxons, and Danes; Ancient Irish History; Germans Distinct From Scythians. Much more.

Advantages of a Book

Enter the sacred temple of his breast,
And gaze and wander there a ravished guest,
Wander through all the glories of his mind,
Gaze upon all the treasures he shall find

With vivid words your just conceptions grace,
Much truth compressing in a narrow space;
Then many shall peruse, but few complain,
And envy frown, and critics snarl in vain. -- Pindar

To words as to thy life attention pay,
The former gone, the latter wastes away.
-- Gregory Nazianzen

Books place a man in contact with the best society in every period of history; with the wisest, the wittiest and the purest characters of humanity. You make him a denizen of all nations -- a contemporary of all ages. The world has been created for him. Book-lovers learn a higher and better tone from the constant habit of associating in thought with a class of thinkers above average humanity. Manners are affected by reading about how the best bred and best informed men talked and acted. Good breeding and civilization result. "He who walks with wise men shall be wise."

Great truths are not found by chance,
But hard-fought for in their struggle to advance.

Our minds imbibe a coloring from those with whom we associate. Hence the importance of selecting and reading good authors. A single book will frequently give a tone and a bias to the mind. -- Dr. Todd

  In reading authors, when you find
Bright passages, that strike your mind,
And which, perhaps, you may have reason
To think on, at another season,
Be not contented with the sight,
But take them down in black and white;
Such a respect is wisely shown,
As makes another's sense one's own." -- Byron

What is thought? It is a mine,
Whose gems are of a land divine:
A power no tyrant may control;
An emanation of the soul!